'Cow therapy' to reform prison inmates in Haryana

'Cow therapy' to reform prison inmates in Haryana

'Cow therapy' to reform prison inmates in Haryana

The 'holy' cow will be the new 'therapist' to reform jail inmates in Haryana. The state government has come out with an uncanny way of deploying cows in jails to reform prisoners.

The government claims the cow has "magical" powers to transform people and de-stress those in need of intervention. Close to 600 cows will be soon requisitioned as part of the cow therapy of sorts being planned for prisoners, both undertrials and convicts. The proposal is the brainchild of Gau Sewa Aayog.

Cattle pounds will be set up within jails. The upkeep of the cow inside the premises will be entrusted to jail inmates. Service to cow, which includes tending to all its daily needs of fodder etc, will be instrumental in reforming inmates, officials maintain. Milch cows will be in sizable numbers to provide fresh milk to meet requirements in the jail.

Aayog chairman Bhani Ram Mangla said the cow is considered sacred in Hindu religion and service to cow brings a lot of good. He said cow therapy in jails is intended to reform prisoners to bring about a change in their outlook towards life.

Holier than thou

The programme will begin in at least six jails in Haryana. Voices in support of this therapy of sorts claim that jail inmates will benefit, both psychologically and physically, when in contact with the bovine while tending to them. Cow dung and cow urine will also be made use of.

Haryana government under RSS ideologue and Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has been patronising the cow more than ever before. For it, it seems, the cow is holier than thou. The state was among the first to ban beef and cow slaughter, which is now a penal offence. Haryana also has a dedicated police squad to implement the law against offenders.