Jan 21st - 27th

Mar 22-Apr 20
You are likely to be in a contemplative mode. There may be anxiety around travel-related matters, but they get resolved soon. The health of an elderly one or being away from them may create emotional issues. Things become a lot better as the week ends. Lucky Gem: Red Coral; Lucky Colour: Crimson; Lucky Number: 9

Apr 21-May 21
The week may bring mixed feelings. You are thrilled about new developments at work. You are astute, intelligent, and your brilliance comes across naturally. There may be separation anxiety from a loved one. You also make plans for achieving personal life goals now. Lucky Gem: Diamond; Lucky Colour: Green; Lucky Number: 6

May 22-June 21
There may be a crisis at work that needs to be addressed immediately. Avoid taking decisions with only one side of the story known. Monetary gains are indicated mid-week. You may plan extensive travel and launch an ambitious new project now. Lucky Gem: Emerald; Lucky Colour: Yellow; Lucky Number: 5

June 22-July 23
This promises to be a
fantastic week for you. Those travelling or negotiating about work outside the country may have some good news. A prestigious work collaboration could be in the offing. There is ease in financial matters. Social occasions are possible now. Lucky Gem: Natural Pearl; Lucky Colour: White; Lucky Number: 2

July 24-Aug 21
The week may begin on a not-so-great note as shadows of the past haunt you. However, you are quick to recover and move forward. There are fortuitous meetings and a lot to look forward to, as you get invited to a prestigious event. There is an increase in your sphere of influence.Lucky Gem: Ruby; Lucky Colour: Orange; Lucky Number: 1

Aug 22-Sep 21
You may suddenly be under a lot of pressure to get married. This especially holds true for eligible folk with extra-concerned families. In any case, there is a greater focus on interpersonal relationships. You need to address the issues as you can't ignore them anymore. There may be a holiday now. It's time to straighten out money matters. Lucky Gem: Emerald; Lucky
Colour: Blue; Lucky Number: 5

Sep 22-Oct 23
You may be focused on financial matters. If there's been a pending issue related to litigation or debt, you may try to bring it to a close now. Informal meetings in order to resolve any dispute amicably may happen. Avoid getting too picky, as this opportunity may slip past. Lucky Gem: Diamond; Lucky Colour: Sky Blue; Lucky Number: 6

Oct 24-Nov 21
This time period puts emphasis on family-related matters. You could have some concerns like being able to muster up funds for a sudden requirement. Some may be more open to taking a loan now. Keep a firm handle on your anger. Harsh speech may beget bad results. Lucky Gem: Red Coral; Lucky Colour: Maroon; Lucky Number: 9

Nov 22-Dec 21
You may be preoccupied with domestic environment-related matters now. There's difficulty in handling your own emotions. Those who have made a rather radical decision regarding property purchase may witness some financial difficulty because of the same. Lucky Gem: Yellow Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Purple; Lucky Number: 3

Dec 22-Jan 20
You kick-start a new project and undertake a short-distance travel for the same. Too much of movement may cause excitement, but it also causes fatigue. Luxury experiences may come up now. There is a new interest in physical health restoration and spirituality. Lucky Gem: Blue Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Dark Blue; Lucky Number: 8

Jan 21-Feb 19
There are rapid developments at work: there may be a raise or a promotion coming your way. Along with it may come prospects of increased travel. Some may move into a new home. Equations with siblings remain tricky, so all communications must be handled carefully. Lucky Gem: Blue Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Black; Lucky Number: 8

Feb 20-Mar 21
You may be in a 'reinventive' mode. You may focus on your public image, health, as well as skill acquisition. There could be experimentations with food, art or a new age technique. Some may be able to land a new job. There is a definite increase in the number of responsibilities. While you may feel burdened, you are not the one to shirk. Lucky Gem: Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Sea Green; Lucky Number: 9

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