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Q: I am 22-year-old weighing 61 kg with a height of 5 ft 3 inches. I used to be active in school and played sports, but as I entered college I hardly got time for physical activities. All these years I managed to maintain my weight at 48 kg but last year, all of a sudden I experienced massive weight gain. Now, I have even lost my stamina. Is there any way I can boost my stamina and follow a healthy weight-loss pattern. - Deeba Sadaf

If you have been super active all through school and you abruptly stopped all physical activity, weight gain is bound to happen. The other reason could be some hormonal imbalance in the body, a sudden attack of thyroid can add weight and typically a 22-year-old is more prone to PCOD, which will again cause weight gain.

Stamina loss can happen with hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, vitamin B12 deficiency makes you feel weak, tired and sleepy all the time and you will have zero energy. So the first thing to do is identify the weight gain reason. After we know the reason, we tackle it the right way.

Q: I am a 34-year-old vegetarian teetotaller. I practice yoga everyday in the morning and I try to squeeze in an hour of aerobics or cardio in the evening. However, it is getting tiring to workout twice a day. After following the twice-a-day workout plan for three to four days at a stretch, I started feeling dizzy and weak, instead of feeling energised. I have consulted a doctor, got my blood tested. The reports are normal. I have also have tried to include protein supplements and multivitamin tablets in my diet. However, nothing has helped me improve my stamina. Please suggest a few ways in which I can increase my stamina and endurance. - Sudharshan Raghavan

Very happy to hear you love exercising. However, what is the need to workout twice a day? Are you not giving your 100% with the first workout? If no, you just give it your all in that one hour of workout, yoga or aerobics or weight training. You should be crawling out by the end of one hour. If yes, then you do not need two workouts.

What you need is to mix your workouts, between cardio, strength, flexibility and mobility. And, eat right to maintain high metabolism. Get a good pre-workout snack, a small bowl of oats with some nuts, 45 minutes before workout will help you deliver more and a protein-based post-workout munch will help you recover well. Seven to eight hours of sleep is essential to feel energised and to improve stamina and three litres or more of water is required to keep your energy levels up.


Shwetambari Shetty is a zumba trainer, who specialises in planning a variety of wellness schedules such as CrossFit, functional and kettlebell exercises. She is a fitness expert at CureFit.