Real transforms to reel

Real transforms to reel

Real transforms to reel

Legendary film-maker M S Sathyu has returned to active cinema after a 12-year break. The audio release of his latest film on the age-old Devadasi system was held in the City last week.

Produced by Reliance Big Pictures in association with Sony BMG, the film is a story about a photo journalist who encounters a Devadasi. Sathyu is known for his films on socially relevant themes.  

National award-winning actress Mira Jasmine has been cast opposite Anirudd. Speaking about the film, M S Sathyu who has directed Garam Hawa, one of the most poignant films made on partition of India says that he hesitated before starting work on Ijjodu because he felt he had missed the flow of making a film. “As soon as I entered the set, everything went on as usual,” he gushes.

What kept him away from direction for so long? The director quickly answers that there were no producers to back his films. “These days NFDC is doing nothing. As I don’t make commercial cinema, I didn’t get producers. Meanwhile Reliance Big Pictures showed interest in this project and because of them Ijjodu is seen the light of the day,” he says.

The film is a commentary on social issues and film delves into the plight of a Devadasi called Chenni,  who was made a regular sex worker at the altar of the village deity. She meets a young photographer Anand, who enlightens her mind. As a result, she wishes to lead a more respectful life and asks Anand to give her a new life. Does Anand bring new meaning to her life?  “This film draws its inspiration from Italian neorealistic kind of films, especially from Bicycle Thieves by Vittorio De Sica, a well-known figure of the neorealistic movement. But I have taken a small deviation from the regular practice by accommodating songs,” he says.

Ijjodu has mellifluous songs scored by Manikanth Kadri, son of Kadri Gopalnath. “Music is everywhere, it is an integral part of our life. Then why should realistic films do away with songs? I feel there is nothing wrong in incorporating songs in art films. Music is the idiom of Indian cinema and I strongly feel that I should give due share to the music in this film,” M S Sathyu clarifies.

The male protagonist of the film Anirudd was all excited about the release of his film. Music director Manikanth Kadri, cameraman B G Bhaskar, senior actor Dattanna, Nagakiran and Shashikumar were present at the release.