Dutee may get permanent relief from CAS

Dutee may get permanent relief from CAS

Dutee may get permanent relief from CAS

Sprinter Dutee Chand would be able to compete without the hyperandrogenism regulations coming in the way if a fresh set of proposals mooted by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) is finalised and placed before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

In a release from Lausanne on Friday, the CAS stated that if the IAAF withdrew its current regulations or replaced them with the draft regulations suggested to the CAS last September, the proceedings of the Dutee Chand appeal would be terminated.

The new proposal, which is yet to be formally announced by the IAAF or approved by the CAS, includes a suggestion that the new hyperandrogenism regulations apply only to female track events between the 400 metres and one mile.

Following the proposal from the IAAF, Dutee, in her reply last October, had stated she would not be directly affected by the proposed regulations as she was not competing or was not intending to compete in the races between 400M and one mile, according to CAS.

Pending further finalisation of the proposals and the IAAF's suggested way forward, CAS stated that the current hyperandrogenism regulations would remain suspended for another six months.

CAS stated that if the IAAF continued with the current regulations the case would be heard by the same set of arbitrators who in July  2015 stayed the operation of the IAAF regulations. The hyperandrogenism regulations had forced Dutee to appeal to CAS as she was banned from participation by the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) and the IAAF in the run-up to the World Junior Championships and the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

"The CAS has now issued an order by consent of the parties by which this proceeding is suspended for a period of six months, during which the IAAF Hyperandrogenism Regulations remain suspended," the CAS said.

Women's 800M to be hit?

The draft proposals by the IAAF may hit the women's 800M the hardest since there have been reports that the top three in the event had benefited from the staying of the IAAF rules by CAS in 2015. The debate over Caster Semenya's eligibility could be expected to be revived again if the new regulations apply to events from 400M to the mile.

"On 29 September 2017, after being granted an extension to the deadline set out in the Interim Award, the IAAF filed material with the CAS in response to the Interim Award, including expert reports and legal submissions," CAS release stated on Friday.

"In response, on 6 October 2017, Ms Chand submitted, among other things (1) that the IAAF had not complied with the Interim Award as it had filed evidence supporting proposed revised regulations, not the current Hyperandrogenism Regulations and, therefore, the Hyperandrogenism Regulations should be declared invalid; and (2) that she is not directly affected by the proposed revised regulations as she does not compete now or intend to compete in the future in track races between 400 metres and one mile.

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