Sania Mirza to retain her maiden name

Sania Mirza to retain her maiden name

Sania Mirza to retain her maiden name

Shoaib Malik escorts his wife Sania Mirza as they arrive at a hotel in Lahore, Pakistan on Friday. AP

In an interview to “People” magazine along with husband and former Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik, Sania said: “No matter what happens I am always going to be Sania Mirza. May be later I’ll add his name.”

She said they have chosen Palm Jumeirah in Dubai as their new residence. “My husband wants to live in Palm Jumeirah and I am not fussy, so that’s where we live,” says Sania.

The couple said their courtship developed over telephone after the first few meetings. “Suddenly, we were constantly texting and then we started talking on the phone for hours.

So that’s where things started for us,” says Sania. Sania said her mother would keep saying that she was wasting so much money on phone calls. “I would tell her that it’s not a waste,” the 23-year-old tennis star said.

On the controversy surrounding their marriage, the two of them said it brought them closer together. “Hats off to my parents who supported Shoaib like they have stood by me even before he became a part of the family. That got us all much closer,” said Sania.

Shoaib says he also had full faith in Sania’s love. “Sania always knew the truth so I was very confident. We were together and surrounded by people who loved and supported us.”

When asked about their busy schedules, Shoaib said: “We are going to be together for a lifetime so it won’t be very difficult to stay away from each other for a few weeks or months.

“Anyway, it’s temporary. I’ll probably play for another three to four years,” Sania added.
Shoaib said Sania was very adjusting, extremely sweet and very punctual. More importantly, she doesn’t get angry, he said. Sania felt Shoaib was an easy person to live with. “We have spent the last seven days together and we haven’t felt like we are in each other’s face. It’s been very easy to live with him,” she said of her week-old marriage.

Both of them are now looking ahead to their honeymoon—she likes the Maldives, he prefers Europe—after which they will settle down in Dubai.

Shoaib’s Indian visa extended

The Indian High Commission on Friday extended the visa of Shoaib Malik for another year while also enabling him to visit Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, agencies report from Islamabad.

Shoaib Malik and his wife Sania Mirza on Friday met High Commissioner Sharat Sabharwal, during the course of which he accepted the request to extend the cricketer’s visa, which is valid till June 24, Online news agency reported.