Siddaramaiah's expressions resemble Duryodhana: C T Ravi

Last Updated 22 January 2018, 11:47 IST

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah's body language and expressions resemble the character Duryodhana in the Indian epic Mahabharatha, remarked BJP General Secretary C T Ravi.  

"The Congress government in the state is definitely a 'Kaurava' government and Siddaramaiah is 'Duryodhana', its head," Ravi quipped.      

He was speaking at the BJP's special district meeting here on Monday.  

"The CM has said that the upcoming Assembly poll in the state is Kurukshetra war wherein Congress is the Pandava side and BJP is the Kaurava side. But the Congress government is tainted with corruption, murders, rapes and communal clashes. How can it be the Pandava side?" he questioned.

"Lord Krishna is on the side that is Pandava. You have no mind to see Udupi Sri Krishna. You behave like enemies of Krishna. How can you be Pandavas?" Ravi asked Siddaramaiah.  

"Sri Krishna is a protector of cows. The state is protecting beef eaters.  People who publicly eat beef are in your midst. During the time of the Pandavas, there was peace and plenty," he said.  

"If Siddaramaiah's mindset changes then he will  safe. He is courting danger if he tries to plays vote bank politics," Ravi added.  

(Published 22 January 2018, 11:38 IST)

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