'People want to see realistic stories'

'People want to see realistic stories'

'People want to see realistic stories'

Actor Shankar Bhaddur started his career with the film 'Thaayi'.  He was soon seen  in  'Ondu Preethiya Kathe',  'Chitramandiradalli' and 'Sadagara'. The actor's  last release was 'Marali Manege' in 2017.  He is positive that 2018 will  keep him  on his toes as he has four different projects in the pipeline. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, the actor talks about the varied projects and more.

You had one release last year. What are you looking forward to in 2018?

It looks like a promising year ahead. I have acted and co-produced 'Margaret' which should release soon. The other movies in the pipeline are 'Aatma Ram', 'Ammu' and 'Aandalama'. I have finished the first schedule of  'Aatma Ram' and am working on the other projects now.

How different are these films?

Each of the movies  is a league of its own. 'Aatma Ram' is a periodical retro-style film  which shows a theatre artiste who recollects his time  in  the 70s and compares it to the today's films and theatre.  'Ammu' is about a cancer patient and how the family takes this news. I play the lord of death in the movie. 'Aandalama' is a horror-comedy, where I play a man with a nuclear family.  'Margaret' is a crime-thriller.

Did you find any of these  movies challenging?

My role in  'Aatma Ram' is quite challenging. I will be portraying  three different phases of a man's life in it. The 60-year-old character  is frustrated, agitated and irritated, which was very difficult to depict.  

How do you decide about which roles to work on?

I don't have to always play the hero. I don't mind coming on screen and  leaving within few minutes as long as my role is meaningful. I just believe that each role should add to one's profile.  

Is acting and producing the same film difficult?

It's a lot of pressure. Acting is a different ballgame and producing is an entirely different  role. You have to be very stern when you are a producer. You even end up raising  your  voice or using harsh words sometimes and I'm not comfortable with that.  

Any genre you would like to be seen in?

I am lucky that I have experimented with a lot of movies. I have tried commercial movies. I would like to do more realistic cinema. Portraying a real character is harder on screen.  

Are you a director's actor?

I completely depend on the director for instructions in a scene. Every film is a depiction of the director's vision. I do not like to modify much.

How different is  Sandalwood from when you made your entry?

The industry has changed a lot. People want to see realistic stories now. Movies are not just about romance, fights scenes and drama anymore. The technical side of movies has also changed a lot and making movies is easier now.  

What do you want to change about yourself?

I have been approached many times to do  'filmy' movies; projects which  are just meant to entertain and might not necessarily make sense to me. I should open myself to all films.    

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