Sunanda says media just turned her into a slut

Sunanda says media just turned her into a slut

Sunanda says media just turned her into a slut

Dubbing as a “medieval witch hunt” the media scrutiny on her after the controversy raged, Sunanda said: “I have always been proud that I have made it alone—on my own terms—in a man’s world.

And here, in one minute, without bothering to find out any facts the media just turned me into a slut, into some kind of brainless eye candy! I don’t know why people find it so hard to understand this.” The 48-year-old marketing professional said she met Tharoor two years back but had developed “closeness” in the past five months only.

“We are certainly close now, but that closeness only developed less than five months ago. I am very proud to know him because, most of all, he is a good and honest man,” Sunanda said in an interview to a magazine. She met Tharoor two years ago through a common friend.

Sunanda came into public spotlight when IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi tweeted revealing her stake in IPL Kochi and questioned the merit on which she was given sweat equity worth Rs 70 crore in the new franchise.

Modi had also alleged that Tharoor had asked him not to reveal the names of the team franchise. While the controversy led to Tharoor’s exit as Minister of State for External Affairs, Sunanda, who is based in Dubai, returned her sweat equity.

Claiming that Tharoor has been “hounded out, for now—ironically—for not being dirty enough,” Sunanda suggested that he was comparable to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi and said these three men gave hope to millions of Indians across the world that even clean men can join politics.

Denying that she was a proxy for Tharoor, she said: “Can’t I make my own money? He has not been corrupt for so many years — for which I am proud to be his friend— why would he be corrupt now? Just look around you in India and see the corruption—in government, in industry, in every crevice of public life and they call this corruption.”