'I don't believe in dream roles'

Last Updated 26 January 2018, 18:53 IST

Actor Praveen Tej's fifth film 'Churikatte' released on Friday. The actor feels that the crime thriller will be a great beginning for the year ahead. The actor hopes to impress the audience with his acting skills and bag more impressive roles soon. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien he  talks about his role in 'Churikatte' and more.  

How excited are you?

After being in the industry for almost 10 years and having acted in 'Jolly Days', 'Aantharya', 'Simple Aaginnond Love Story' and  '5G', I am happy to be in 'Churikatte'. I have  been a part of TV serials and reality shows too but movies are a different ballgame. I am  looking forward to how the audience will accept the movie.  

What is it about the story  that made you take it up?

The movie is special as it has a very sound technical team and a great director. The storyline of the film was magnetic. When the director, Raghu Shivamogga of short-film 'Chowkabara' fame called me to narrate the story, I was instantly impressed. The story is based on the timber-mafia and  Churikatte is the name of a village. The movie is very realistic and inspired by things we see around us.    

Tell us about your role...

I play Adi, who is in search for  a job. The movie was exciting  to work in as it is a crime thriller. It was a challenging role. I started preparing for my character while the pre-production work of the movie was going on. Whenever we went for location hunting and interacted with people it acted as the homework for my role.    

According to you, does the audience  appreciate thriller movies?

Thriller movies with a good storyline  are attracting many moviebuffs to it. These movies keep one on the edge of their seats.  We are sure that our movie will  click well with the audience. In our movie, one can see romance, action and the different commercial different elements required to impress movie-goers but the movie is very real.  

Is realistic cinema the latest trend in the industry?

Movies are not  only for entertainment. Every movie should tell a new story. All stories should be narrated with new angles and innovation. Films should always have a new style of storytelling.    

Do movies have a success formula?

Trends change often and filmmakers should be in tune with these changes.  I often work in movies keeping the audience and their thought process in mind. Technical aspects and the narration of the story also come into the picture. A lot of work goes into the pre-production nowadays. There is no shortcut to success.    

A role that you want to work in...

I don't believe in dream roles. I just want to be a  part of good stories.

How does 2018 look for you?

I believe that this will be a good year. If things fall in place, I will have three more releases in 2018 which will include 'BMW'. I am hoping for big things!  

(Published 26 January 2018, 12:06 IST)

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