'Ready to pay money spent on making Padmaavat if handed over its rights'

'Ready to pay money spent on making Padmaavat if handed over its rights'

'Ready to pay money spent on making Padmaavat if handed over its rights'

The Karni Sena  on Saturday said it was ready to pay the money spent on making Padmaavat if it was handed over the film's rights and stressed that the organisation had nothing to do with the incidents of violence that happened over its release.

Karni Sena's chief Lokendra Singh Kalvi said at a press conference the Karni Sena was ready to pay Bhansali the money he had spent on making the film.

"We are ready to collect the money and pay him if he hands over the rights of the film to us. We will then carry out a jauhar of the film's reels (assign them to flames)," he said.

Denies role in violence

Kalvvi also denied his outfit's involvement in violent protests  against the movie and sought a high-level probe into the incidents.

"However, the 'janata curfew' on the film will continue," said Kalvi.  

He said that canards are being spread against his outfit over the violence.  

Commenting on the attack on a school bus in Gurugram, he said his activists had actually helped the school bus proceed after finding students in it.

"There are statements from the driver and teachers that Karni Sena activists actually allowed them to go. But men on two motorcycles came and targeted the school bus," he claimed.

Similarly, he claimed that he was present in Ahmedabad when violence erupted but he could not identify a single protester.

"People present there asked me to intervene. I am a community leader but I could not identify any one of them. They also could not identify me, their leader. Then how can they be Karni Sena," he said.

He also said unknown people are announcing bounties for "nose, ears and all" but none of them are affiliated to the organisation.

Blaming the Censor Board for the caste-based violence following the release of the film, he said they will continue to protest peacefully against the movie and enforce a "janata curfew".

He said he had instructed his supporters not to indulge in any protest on Republic Day, keeping in mind the solemnity of the occasion.