No Indians on Grammy list. Wondering why?

Last Updated 31 January 2018, 08:26 IST

The Grammy verdict is out, with no Indian artiste on the list. Musicians in Bengaluru aren't really surprised. And no one should be, they tell Metrolife.

Composer and founder of band MoonArra
"The Grammy is an American award which has caught the imagination of people worldwide. It is driven by American music companies. For an Indian album to win the award in the 'world music' category, it needs to be published in the States. We have a lot of non-film and independent music produced in India. But for it to get recognition there, it needs processing in the States. So it will take some time. However, creating music goes beyond awards!"

Vocalist, Agam
"Indian music needs to be heard more widely in its true form in the Western world. Their exposure to Indian classical and folk music is limited, despite many of our greats performing and collaborating with musicians there. Some amount of cultural stereotyping creeps in and anything that doesn't fit that narrative doesn't get picked up, even if there is a collaborator from the West involved. Lastly it seems nearly impossible to get your voice heard as a solo producer from India, making purely native music.

Vocalist, instrumentalist and Grammy winner
"We really need more by way of promotion. Independent music exists in all pockets but has no
consolidated group to promote it, like there is in Bollywood. What we also need to do is create good videos for independent music. Not many here know how to apply for a Grammy. You should keep applying, but then, it involves a lot of money."


Grammy goes to....
Album of the year: '24K Magic' (Bruno Mars)
Song of the year: 'That's What I Like'
Best pop solo performance: 'Shape of You' (Ed Sheeran)
Best pop vocal album: '÷' (Ed Sheeran)
Best rock performance: 'You Want It Darker' (Leonard Cohen)
Best R&B performance: 'That's What I Like' (Bruno Mars)
Best rap performance: 'HUMBLE.' (Kendrick Lamar)
Best country solo performance: 'Either Way' (Chris Stapleton)

(Published 30 January 2018, 13:26 IST)

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