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When it comes to Indian bridal couture, it has certain prominent features that create an Eastern traditional appeal in it. Century-old apparel is still an integral part of the Indian culture and tradition. Weddings are a pretty grand affair in Indian culture. No matter how modern you are, you just can't escape this grand celebration as everyone in the family has been eagerly waiting for this big day since you were born.

Everyone wants to see the most gorgeous bride of the town at a wedding which in turn becomes one's responsibility to fulfil. Well, somewhere down the line you too want to give your best shot to this beautiful day and dream to fall in the list of the most iconic brides of the season. To make that happen, you need to be in touch with latest fashion updates and hacks.

Make sure that you do what goes with your individual personality and style statement to achieve the desired appeal and call it a statement.

Bridal charm is something which separates a woman from the crowd. Apart from that, all the extra efforts you make to enhance your look decides the overall grandeur of the wedding. Styles you see on the ramp don't always have to suit you. So, make sure to take inspiration from them and pick something to suit your body type and personality.

Flare fair

Flare is the latest and hottest trend of the season and you can't avoid it anyway. While picking your wedding outfit, keep this point in mind to make it to the list of most stunning brides of the season and strut like a diva. The extra flare attracts more eyes and it looks exceptionally classic and princess-like. Whether it's the 'lehenga' or the 'anarkali gown' you are going to need that extra bit to make the flare stand out.

Shimmy shimmer

Shimmer, shimmer and some more shimmer! Nothing's more bling than bling itself. Pick subtle colours to suit your skin tone with shimmers to make that entry at your wedding. The entire outfit is going to stand out and you'll be the star on your big day. Take inspiration from the international designer's collections, go brave with the colours like champagne, frost blue and lilac while keeping traditional colours like red and maroon at bay.

Pretty pastels and florals

Drawing inspiration from the star weddings, the floral and pastels are the 'it' thing in bridal fashion this season. Florals can be implemented everywhere in the outfit. The famous floral Sabyasachi printed 'lehengas' and 'saris' are a candy to own for at least one event for your wedding. Make sure to pick one colour to take the centrestage while you work around it to compliment the event.

Sari remix

Who said the 'sari' has to be the usual heavy gold bordered traditional one. With drapes making its appearance, 'saris' are now made into gowns that you can slip into but yet have the grace of a traditional 'sari'. Try the latest sari gown attire to dress like a true 2018 bride and bring people to their knees to complement your incredible fashion sense.

A princess trail

Let everyone know that the bride is coming...

The long trail gowns and 'lehengas' have become vehemently popular recently due to their luxurious and royal appeal. These ethereal silhouettes are the best choice to add volume and glamour to your overall ensemble. Also, you don't need to put extra efforts on other things as your wedding dress is enough to cast magic and do wonders to your personality. When you have planned to tie a knot with the forever love of your life, why not do it in style?

Layered up

Layer, layer and some more layers! The more the layers, the more will be the fun!  Since fashion has multiple ways to end the curiosity, the layering game takes charge. The layered bridal silhouettes have become a huge craze among the young generation and these weaves look ethereal with matching jewellery and accessories.

Also, your dream of a fairytale wedding can be easily met with such exquisite trousseau. This sure needs a trick to make it work for your bodytype but will make one hell of a bridal look.

Above all, make sure to choose an outfit that balances your personality. Not all styles are for everyone but one can take inspiration to make it work for every bodytype and style.

(Published 30 January 2018, 13:40 IST)

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