Shaan gives a new twist to Rafi's 'Happy Birth Day'

Shaan gives a new twist to Rafi's 'Happy Birth Day'

Shaan has sung a song titled 'Happy Bird Day' for the movie, which released this Friday.
"I have sung most of the songs in the film but when Jyotin Ji discussed about making something new and historical and came up with idea of this song, I almost took it as the first song of my career, because it required so much of justice to its soul," singer Shaan said.

The song was conceptualised and is the output of efforts by the producers of 'Bird Idol', Goel Screencraft who have a long history of producing very popular children’s songs in movies.

The banner has made children's hits like 'Chal Mere Ghode tik-tik-tik' (Chiraag Kahan Roshini Kahan), 'Chanda Mama Door Ke' (Vachan), 'Hum Bhi Agar Bacche Hote' (Door ki Awaaz) and 'Nanhe se Farishte' (Ek Phool Do Mali).

The story of the film revolves around a bird called 'Hummi' who is not happy with the bird music and is greatly impressed by human music. Hummi then introduces human music to the bird music by entering into a competition called Bird Idol and with his genuine effort he puts himself and his parents into trouble.

"We were at a birthday party and humming happy birthday and here in India we normally say Happy Bird-Day instead of saying Birthday. So that's where the idea struck us and when the song came in to happening, only one name came across my mind- Shaan," Jyotin Goel, the director of the film said.