Helping losers to bounce back

Chitras parents impressed upon her to write the book

Helping  losers to bounce back

 This gentleman had all the qualities of making it big in his field, but he was always sidestepped by a toady plot. His counterparts used unethical means to crush all those who came in the way.

While speaking to Chitra Lele, a young management consultant from Pune who was conducting a motivational seminar, he said “I really admire your tenacity. You are not affected by the clouds of unfair competition. Instead you are helping people like me who are victims of the same to bounce back.” And he broke down and cried.
When Chitra narrated this incident to her parents, they gave a brilliant idea of writing a book on personal transformation. Her mother said, “Chitra, you share such great insights and tips in your seminars, and if you compile them in a book, then they will be useful to many more people.” Her parents’ persistence resulted in the final product - a book titled ‘The 6 Spheres of Life - Unlocking the Door to Success and Happiness’, which is receiving commendation from world leaders and also won her several literary awards.

“These people (mentioned above) triggered the process of finding the reasons for such unfair competition. Through my observations and experience, I realised that these days, people want to get to the top, by hook or crook. In the process, they deviate from the moral axis, and this is a very sad trend.”
“Since I belong to the oung generation, I feel disheartened to see hardworking boys and girls of my age losing confidence due to this unfair competition and taking extreme steps. Through my book, I want to help them regain their lost confidence and bounce back with a renewed sense of self-determination,” she told Deccan Herald.

She was born in Kampala, Uganda, and then returned to her roots in India after a few years. Her father, being a financial expert, always inspired her to think in critical ways, while her mother a linguist imparted the flair to play with words.
Interestingly, Chitra has not undergone any formal training in psychology or related field, and that baffles a reader more than anything else. How this young girl from management background could author such a thought-provoking book, one wonders.

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