Mar 22-Apr 20
You might be worried about finances. There may be a project that you look at bagging and there are quite a few hopes pinned on it, but the uncertainty may get to you. There is excitement because of a budding relationship also. You may get carried away by your own emotions. Lucky Gem: Red Coral; Lucky Colour: Crimson; Lucky Number: 9

Apr 21-May 21
You may be preoccupied with dependent-related matters. There could be unforeseen expenses and you may have to redo your budget in order to meet them. Take your partner's opinion in important matters, otherwise it might create unnecessary suspicions and distance. Lucky Gem: Diamond; Lucky
Colour: Green; Lucky Number: 6

May 22-June 21
You may be involved quite deeply in matters related to home, repairs, renovations and physical health. There could be worries about your own health. There is complete support extended by loved ones. Financial matters need attention and you may need professional advice on them. Lucky Gem: Emerald; Lucky Colour: Yellow; Lucky Number: 5

June 22-July 23
You find yourself more rooted than you may have been for a while! There is stability and a sense of purpose. You may undertake a short-distance travel, a pilgrimage or a trek. There may be a small hiccup related to a sibling, not unusual, so it doesn't catch you off-guard. Lucky Gem: Natural Pearl; Lucky Colour: White; Lucky Number: 2

July 24-Aug 21
It's a good week. There are indications of good news coming your way. There is a possibility of receiving gifts, of getting a good news at work, and even financial gains. Some may be transferred to a different location or department and this will have favourable results in the long run. Lucky Gem: Ruby; Lucky Colour: Orange; Lucky Number: 1

Aug 22-Sep 21
You are likely to be quite introspective now. It may be a time where your usual distractions may not work. You may seek out a mentor for guidance. Those who have difficult relationships at the moment may try to work it out. There may be greater work and running around to do as the week ends. Physical exhaustion may overwhelm you. Lucky Gem: Emerald; Lucky Colour: Blue; Lucky Number: 5

Sep 22-Oct 23
The week may start with some health-related worries and expenses. Some episodes could make you question your identity and contributions. Social gatherings have you participating reluctantly, but soon the infectious enthusiasm brings you out of the surly mood. Lucky Gem: Diamond; Lucky Colour: Sky Blue; Lucky Number: 6

Oct 24-Nov 21
You may make some great social connections this week. You may be uplifted by the presence of cheerful people around you. There is also some financial gain. Investments made previously may yield good returns. Some may be preparing to leave for a longish stint abroad. Lucky Gem: Red Coral; Lucky
Colour: Maroon; Lucky Number: 9

Nov 22-Dec 21
There's a lot of focus on work and you are grateful for it as it takes the focus away from the painful emotional situations in your life. There could be some important meetings too, which bring up questions about additional responsibilities and long-term commitments. Lucky Gem: Yellow Sapphire; Lucky
Colour: Purple; Lucky Number: 3

Dec 22-Jan 20
It's a great week for you. Those who have been looking at travelling abroad might get a good opportunity. While there is an increase in the pressure, expectations and quantum of work at your job, you are happy to find suitable challenges and prove your potential. Lucky Gem: Blue Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Dark Blue; Lucky Number: 8

Jan 21-Feb 19
You might be grappling with some troublesome feelings initially. You may need to resolve issues related to a past grief. There may be attempts to embrace a different spiritual practice for comfort. Some may take up more work for constructively engaging their mind. Lucky Gem: Blue Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Black; Lucky Number: 8

Feb 20-Mar 21
You may have a slightly different time than the others. There's focus and emphasis on your personal life and relationships: the gaps may stand out and your own emotional needs may overwhelm all reason. There could be arguments that don't end well. Some of the trouble may well be arising from your own fearful thoughts. Lucky Gem: Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Sea Green; Lucky Number: 9

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