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The beauty spot

Q: A runner's got to run, and sweat, no doubt. The feeling is great but for the hair (medium length, straight, not-too-oily scalp) that demands a wash every day! Which hair-care routine would you recommend for me? Please suggest some gentle hair-care products.  - A runner

Congratulations on running daily. Running helps in a rush of fresh blood that contains oxygen and nutrients. This also helps flush out the toxins, so the running itself is helping you. But the hair could get sweaty, damp and give rise to dandruff and non-shiny hair due to the dust and grime on its surface.

Since you wish to shampoo every day, use a shampoo from a reputed company labelled as 'frequent wash'. In a frequent wash shampoo, the chemical component of the cleanser is mild so the hair damage is less. The sun, the wind and other environmental factors also have a drying effect on the hair. So conditioning your hair before wash with coconut oil or after wash with a conditioner will also help.

Q: I'm 23 and have dry skin on my feet. I workout regularly and eat healthy. I have tried moisturising, but it hasn't been of much help.  - Sam M

You are only 23, so this seems to be a hereditary problem. Most probably, the palms will also be dry. Deep moisturising agents that contain urea and lactic acid may be used frequently. But the one thing that will help you a lot is a cream that contains salicylic acid component that can be applied at bedtime on the dry skin covered with cling film. Do this every night, followed by soaking your palms in warm water every week to remove the dead skin. Do apply a good amount of moisturiser after soaking in warm water.

Q: I have straight hair, but it is really dry. I'm 26, with a wheatish complexion. I also tend to have a dry scalp and skin. - Nira Malik

Since your skin, hair and scalp are really dry, you may use coconut oil on your scalp and leave it overnight. Coconut oil works well on the skin too. Our aim here is to flatten the cuticles of the hair that have got lifted due to blow drying, sunlight, chemical products etc., so a good conditioner will really help. On your skin, if you don't have pimples but have dry skin, you may use an oil-free moisturiser.

Q: I have acne-prone skin. It's also very dry and starts to peel the minute the weather changes. I just apply a good moisturising cream in the morning and don't use a lot of make-up. What would be a good cleansing ritual for me? Should I invest in some specialised acne products?  - Varshini Iyer

Try to first find the cause of your acne and get it treated. Since you have dry skin, your daily cleansing routine should be, first cleanse your face with cleansing milk, followed by a good face wash. Because the skin is dry, do not use a toner, but finish this routine with an oil-free moisturiser while the skin is still damp.

Q: I am 18 and suffering from PCOS. Though I am recovering from it, my face, especially my cheek and chin areas have worsened with acne marks and tiny pimples. I have tried a lot of creams and home remedies, but I still have dark spots. How do I get rid of them?  - Pallavi Sreenivas

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a medical condition that needs proper medical treatment and daily regime. Please visit your nearest dermatologist/gynaecologist/endocrinologist. Meanwhile, you can use a cream with glycolic acid in it.

 Dr Jamuna Pai is a cosmetic physician and a beauty expert.  

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