'I am grateful to my parents'

'I am grateful to my parents'

'I am grateful to my parents'

There's really no role that actor Sunder Raj hasn't played in his three-decade-long career. The actor has proved through his films like 'Ondu Muttina Kathe', 'Kaliyuga', 'Mathadana' and most recently 'Aatagara' and 'Liftman' that he is capable of taking up roles that are dramatically different.

The actor, who recently celebrated his 67th birthday, confesses that he yearns to work on roles that are different from what he has played before.

"Whenever my birthday arrives, I turn into an excited child because I have so many people calling me on that day. My teachers, schoolmates and my siblings come together to make the day very special for me. Every birthday, I remember how hard my parents have struggled to help me get to where I am today. I am grateful to my parents for their support, blessings and encouragement," says Sunder Raj.

Ask him what contributes to his humility and he is quick to reply, "It is certainly my upbringing. My parents have always led a simple life and never yearned to have more than what they already do. This is something that they have passed to their children. My father always taught me that people become rich not by making more money but by life's experiences," adds Sunder.

Looking at his journey so far, Sunder, says that he is fortunate to have worked in some interesting projects. Drawing a parallel between cinema during his time and now, he says, "When it came to fashion in films we had actors who wore bell-bottoms and sported sideburns. Today's actors try to reflect lifestyle and experiences as it exists in modern times. There is a lot of difference between the work culture of today and what existed back in our time," he says.

He also feels films of today try to weave in themes that are relevant to present times. "Issues like environmental conservation, the city's changing landscape which has led to the disappearance of playgrounds and open spaces find place in the films of today," he adds.

Sharing his thoughts on the young breed of actors of today, Sunder, says, "The young actors of today are smart, committed and know exactly what to deliver. They are aware and have a clear understanding of what comprises filmmaking."

When asked what kind of films he would like to work on now, Sunder, says "I would like to explore themes and subjects that affect a large section of society. I would like to focus on subjects that touch the lives of a lot of people," he adds.

On acting with his daughter Meghana Raj, Sunder, says that it has always been a pleasure to work with her. "My daughter is far more intelligent than I am and she has an in-depth knowledge of what goes on behind the camera and in front of it," he sums up.