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Victims for sale

Nish Amarnath

Harper Collins, 2018, Rs 299, pp 324

Sandy Raman, a stringer for the BBC, lives as a paying guest with a quiet Indian family. Or so she thinks, until she wakes up to a woman with a knife and dark secrets. While running a sting operation on a home for the differently abled, she makes a connection, but must evade the clutches of a sex racket and expose the predators before time runs out.

A Brief Guide to Business Classics

James M Russel

Robinson, 2018, Rs 399, pp 296

This book is a comprehensive guide of business classics, covering every aspect of commerce. It includes an array of books that may not be termed as the quintessential business books. Expert advice, social research and other business-related concepts are all compiled into a bite-sized manual.

The Silver Music Box

Mina Baites

Amazon Crossing, 2018, Rs 299, pp 251

Jewish silversmith Johann Blumenthal engraved certain words on a singing filigree bird inside a tiny ornamented box. He crafted it for his young son before leaving to fight a war. Half a century later, Lilian Morrison inherits the box after the death of her parents, with a letter telling her that she was adopted.

Titans of History

Simon Sebag Montefiore

Hachette, 2018, Rs 699, pp 620

In his collection of short stories, the author introduces his choice of kings, empresses, sultans and conquerors, as well as prophets, explorers, artists, actresses, courtesans and psychopaths. It's a comprehensive historical narrative from the ancient times up to the 21st century.

The Immortalists

Chloe Benjamin

G P Putnam's Sons, 2018, Rs 825, pp 352

It's 1969. Word has spread in New York City's Lower East Side that a mystical woman has arrived. A travelling psychic who claims to be able to tell anyone the day they will die. Four adolescents on the cusp of self-awareness sneak out to hear their fortunes.

Touch the Sky

Rashmi Bansal

Westland, 2018, Rs 199, pp 203

This book is a tribute to the courage and confidence of the Indian woman, from Korba to Kashmir. It is a set of inspiring stories of women who are writing their own destiny. In each story lies a tale of personal triumph and boldness of women rising to take their place in the sun.

White Chrysanthemum

Mary Lynn Bracht

Vintage, 2018, Rs 449, pp 313

Hana and her little sister Emi belong to the island community of haenyeo, where women make their living from diving deep into the sea off the southernmost tip of Korea. With the arrival of a Japanese soldier, their story of separation begins.

Stark Raving Ad

Ritu Singh

Hachette, 2018, Rs 350, pp 273

This book is a guide to Indian advertisements. It makes an attempt to analyse the famous and the controversial ads in India. Here, one finds un-business-like stories from Indian advertising through
ages - the hits, the misses, and the banned.

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