Modi pens book; motivates students to shun exam blues, pursue their passion

Modi pens book; motivates students to shun exam blues, pursue their passion

Modi pens book; motivates students to shun exam blues, pursue their passion

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has penned a book containing 25 mantras for students to be motivated and face exams with confidence without succumbing to pressures.

The book titled 'Exam Warriors,' is well-timed for the board examinations starting in March.

Modi also advised parents that they should not seek to realise their "unfulfilled desires" through their children. Instead, parents must spend "quality time" with their wards.

"Exams are festivals, celebrate it. Be an exam warrior, not a worrier," the Prime Minister suggested in his book offering various do-it-yourself tips to students on busting examination stress.

The book was released here by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj at an event attended by a large number of foreign dignitaries, among others.

Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Prakash Javadekar, students and teachers were also present.

One-way ticket

In one chapter of the 200-page book published by Penguin Random House, the Prime Minister described the answersheet as "a one-way ticket," suggesting that students must take the examination and "move ahead" to the next paper, instead of remaining stuck with the paper already gone.

"The best part  of any exam is that it lasts only for two to three hours. But, rarely does an exam leave your mind immediately. It keeps playing on your mind and you start discussing it with friends. It is not advisable to spend hours discussing the exam paper with family and friends. It is a colossal waste of time and energy," the PM noted.

Modi stated in his book that Gujarat Assembly polls of 2012 was no less than an examination for him.

"Like you have exams, I had one of my own exams-the Gujarat elections of 2012. The day polling ended and the votes were cast, I moved ahead and began to work on the tasks at hand. I still remember going to oversee summit and reviewing an irrigation project. For me, the vote, like your answersheet, was a one-way ticket," he said.

Modi urged students not to indulge in unfair practices and maintain discipline in their life, saying, "Cheating in exam is cheap."

Practise yoga

He also advised students to practise yoga to maintain a balance between body and mind. The book offered some yoga lessons too.

In a note to teachers, the Prime Minister suggested that they should empower the students to pursue their interests as well as create their own opportunities. "Motivate them so that they do something driven by their passion instead of seeking to become something," he added.

Each chapter in the book, written in simple language with comic illustrations to draw   children, comes with an activity at the end.

The book is priced at Rs 100.