'My jokes and clothes are taken too seriously'

'My jokes and clothes are taken too seriously'

'My jokes and clothes are taken too seriously'

His is a familiar face on the small screen with TV series like 'Hum Aapke Hain In Laws', 'Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant' and 'Punar Vivah - Ek Nayi Umeed', along with the Bollywood film 'Wedding Pullav'. Popular actor  Karan V Grover has now expanded his artistic horizons and was recently seen in a web series  'Spotlight 2',  presented by  Vikram Bhatt and  Viu, a premium video-on-demand service.  

The VJ-turned-celebrity talks about his tryst with acting in an affable chat with Rajitha Menon.  

How was the experience of acting in a web series?

The fundamentals of acting remain the same but the digital space is definitely unpretentious. It allows every artist and creator to portray scenes, dialogues  and characters a lot more honestly and realistically as compared to other mediums.  

Tell us a bit about 'Spotlight 2'.

It  is the story of  a talented singer whose descent begins when success gets to his head. How he tries to resurrect his personal life and career with the help of his soulmate is the story.  The cast, specially Aditi and Ruhi, have done a phenomenal job  while the musicians, singers and director Sidhant Sachdev have been exceptional too. Master storyteller and our writer producer Vikram Bhatt  adds his magic to the entire thing.    

The show deals with a struggling musician. How do you look at failure personally?

To me, success and failure are two sides of the same coin  - you cannot enjoy one without going through the other.  In order to be successful, one has to learn to fail gracefully.    

What is the flip side to being a celebrity?

Sometimes your jokes and most of the times your clothes are taken
too seriously.  

A misconception about the entertainment industry that you find ridiculous...

Most people feel that all the actors, models, directors and   producers know each other personally. Hence a lot of them mention names randomly and say "you must be knowing him/her, even he/she is an actor!" I find this funny; it's something like saying all doctors should know each other.  

A role you would like to essay in the future...

A superhero, a  military major, an alien, a time traveller, a psychopath, a clown - the list goes on. I wont be content with just one.  

A weird habit you picked up after entering the industry...

My level of sarcasm has been heightened.  

An instance where you caught yourself speaking or behaving like a character you played on screen...

This happens to me very often. Once Suhasi Dhami, my co-actor in my Zee TV show, complained that I had started behaving like my onscreen brash  and rude character Ranchod. Even  during 'Spotlight2', the director Sidhant felt that I was constantly behaving in an arrogant and destructive manner, just like my character.