Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Pleasing "Sukhabhumi"

The Bangalore Environment Trust is working hard to bring awareness to the city. It had organised a special programme called "Sukha Bhumi" - "a concept to engage in the awareness of the eco-balance of the society". A music and a dance programme was organised last week, which was also a fundraising programme in aid of mentally challenged children.

Kannada lyrics - both popular and folk - were presented by 4 vocalists, lead by Pustakam Rama. All the compositions were on the river Kaveri, captioned aptly "Kaveri Patha", Namo Namo Kaveri Thaye, Hasirige Usiru Ithavaru and also an English poem (We thank you, God). They sang in unison spiritedly.


Dance drama

Agasthya, "the great sage who stabilized the ecosystem of the earth" (concept by the Bangalore Environment Trust) was brought on the stage like a dance drama, with nearly 25 artistes, beautifully choreographed by the senior danseuse Veena Murthy.

Opening with the sacred Gayathri Mantra, it was divided into 7 scenes right from the birth of Agasthya; covered his knowledge in mathematics, astrology; his concern for socio-economic development; Lopamudra, 'chanting of "Vathapi Jeernobhava"; birth of the river Kaveri, through the mystical story in 3 episodes and concluded with the present day deteriorating state of the ecosystem etc. etc. With beautiful choreography (Veena Murthy) and melodious music (Raghunandan R. and P. Rama), it had a good message for the society.


Colourful kinkini

Mohiniattam, Odissi, Kathakali, Kuchipudi and Kathak programmes apart from Bharathanatya were held in the annual Kinkini dance festival.

Navya Natarajan, who gave a Bharathanatya recital, is a disciple of Late Padmini Ramachandran and has performed in both India and abroad, several times. A post graduate in science, Navya is also a recipient of "Yuva Kalabharathi" Award. The "Navarathnamalike" of Shankaracharya on Parashakthi gave Navya Natarajan a pleasant start. The Asta ragamalike varna of Ponnaiah Pille "Saami Ninne Kori" - is a master piece. For a senior dancer like Navya it was not a difficult task to execute those well woven jathies. Her graceful Abhinaya came to fore especially in Pada (Yaru kaga) and concluded with a fine thillana of Lalgudi, in the raga Desh. The accompanists who inspired music by R. Raghuram, natuvanga by Prasanna Kumar, mridanga by Harsha Samaga and flute by Mahesh Swamy.


Salutation to Tyagaraja

Nine students of Nupura presented few selected keertanas of Saint Tyagaraja, in the "Tyagaraj Sannuthi". Popular and meaningful compositions like Melu Kovayya (Bhouli), Sri Rama Raghurama, Brova Baramma (Bahudari), etc. They performed with practised ease and good expressions. But connoisseurs may not agree to join three keertanas in different raga and "Bhava"! Vasudha Balakrishna (vocal), S.V. Balakrishna (mridanga), Madhusudhana (mridanga) and Mahesh Swamy (flute) - supported from the wings.


Dancer from the USA

Akhilandeswari, who gave a Bharathanatya recital at the Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, is the Director of Kalagangothri, USA. Originally from Bengaluru, she is a disciple of Revathi Narasimhan and continued her training under Uma Rao and has passed her vidwat examination also. She has completed her "Ranga Pravesha" in 1999 and has received the Purandara Anugraha Prashasthi from TTD and an "outstanding performer" award in U.S.A. She is teaching young aspirants in her institution Kalagangothri and has performed in many countries along with her students.

Akhila, in the current programme performed along with few young students of Kala Sindhu. She had chosen "Dasa Marga", based on devaranamas of different Haridasas. After performing few padas in the format of Pushpanjali, Alaripu, it was followed by Jathiswara and Shabda in ragamalike (Sharanembe Vani). She crowned her programme with a detailed "Aada Hodalli" in which Kalinga Mardhana, Shakatasura etc. were beautifully performed. She excelled in both nritha and nritya. With her impactful expression and pleasing abhinaya she stole the show.

-Mysore V Subramanya

A scene from Agastha,  


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