Awareness programme on forest fire

Awareness programme on forest fire

Awareness programme on forest fire

A forest fire is not a natural incident. There are always human hands behind the accident, said Wildlife First president K M Chinnappa.

He was speaking during the flagging-off of an awareness rally conducted by Wildlife First and the Aided High School at Gonikoppa to create awareness against forest fires.

Negative impact

"A forest fire not only results in the loss of valuable flora and fauna but also increases the temperature levels. This will further result in less rainfall and depletion of groundwater level. The amount of rainfall is diminishing year by year as the forest cover is depleting. If this continues, drought will be the most common phenomena," Chinnappa said.

Dependence on forests

Inaugurating the rally, Titimati Assistant Conservator of Forests Sripati said that the existence of all organisms depends on the existence of forests. "Everyone should, therefore, extend their help towards preserving forests and wildlife," he added.

Around 3,000 handbills on forest conservation were distributed among citizens on the occasion. Up to 50 students took out a procession and raised slogans on conservation of forests.

Science teacher and Tiger Pug Nature association coordinator D Krishna Chaitanya was present on the occasion.