'I am an inquisitive person'

'I am an inquisitive person'

'I am an inquisitive person'

While actor Ashika Somashekar  is awaiting  the shoot of the 'Curious Cases of Yedebadita' to resume, she has been listening to different  scripts and planning her career ahead.

Excited to be a part of the exciting venture by actor-director Ashwin Rao Pallakki, Ashika believes that it will be a big stepping stone for her.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, she talks about  the film and more.

What's on your mind now?

I feel great and more confident as an actor. I  know how to face the camera and I know a lot more about the technicalities of camera work now.  

You're a theatre artiste. How different was it to act in movies?

It is a different ballgame. You have to exaggerate expressions a lot more in theatre as you are performing for a close crowd in a small space. In movies, there are a lot of people watching you and the camera picks up the most subtlest expressions. The intonations and the expressions are all different in both fields. The good part about films is that you  get a retake.  

Which do you find more thrilling?

I am in love with both  these platforms. Theatre taught me a lot about acting. I love acting and I always  wanted to act in movies, so films are a dream come true. At the moment I am more excited that I am being featured on camera but theatre has its own thrills.

Tell us about your role.

I play Sangeetha,  a village belle. It was a challenging character as she was nothing like I am. I am a talkative person while she is a subtle and shy girl. It's important to get into the skin of a character. Though  I am nothing like Sangeetha, as soon as I slipped into her character, I was her.

Did you face any difficulties while being Sangeetha?

Everything new can be challenging. I  got so involved in the character that I stopped talking
to everyone and didn't even call my parents for  a while. Language was not a problem but I had to be sober.  

How  was it to work with fresh talent?

While some people on the sets had already acted in a film or two, everyone in 'Curious....' including Ashwin  approached the subject with a fresh perspective. They were a  happy lot to work with. I am cast against Shankar who was Sankoch in 'Kirik Party'. I am an inquisitive person; I would ask a
lot of questions on the sets about the camera etc.    

What about 'Curious Cases of Yedebadita' will be exciting for the audience?

The movie is all about love. Who cannot relate to  love? The movie has the curious element in it while showing four different stories which
will connect to the viewers.

Your next film will be...

I will be seen in  Peter Rajesh  Joachim's film later this year which also has  a romantic subject. I've also been listening to other scripts and  I am hoping that 2018 will turn out to be an exciting one.