On my pinboard - Pooja Chopra

On my pinboard - Pooja Chopra

Bollywood actor Pooja Chopra made her debut in the Tamil film industry with 'Ponnar Shankar'. Pooja then did small roles in Madhur Bhandarkar's 'Fashion' and 'Heroine'. She gave impressive performances in 'Commando',
'Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa' and 'Ouch'.
She will soon be seen playing the character of Captain Maya Semwalin in 'Aiyaary' which is scheduled to release in the third week of February.

Arijit Singh
"I have lost count of the number of songs of Arijit Singh that I have on my playlist. I can listen to him anytime and anywhere. Singer Shaan is also another favourite. I know almost all the songs that they have sung by heart. I use
music as a tool to uplift my mood and there are a few songs that leave a positive impact on me. I listen to music whenever I am working out or travelling."

Shah Rukh Khan
"I have immense respect and regard for Shah Rukh Khan. He has, through his roles, set the perfect picture  of a lover, husband and a romantic. And he has set the bar really high, because I know of a lot of women who wish to have a husband or a boyfriend like him. He started with nothing and he has through sheer hard work built  an empire for himself. He has set an example of sorts through his contributions to Bollywood."

"There is something magical and mystical about Bruges. It's a small town in Belgium. The canals, parks, market places and landscape have a fairytale finish to them. I had visited Bruges during Christmas time and it was snowing. This added to the charm of the place. I also like the energy and vibe of Sydney. I hope to visit  Leh Ladakh soon."

Rhonda Byrne
"I am not a voracious reader but there are a few books that I enjoy reading and 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne  tops the list. I began reading this book when I was working towards the Miss India pageant a few years ago.  It helped me believe that dreams can come true and it did well to boost my confidence."

Neera Chopra
"It may sound a little cliched but my mother Neera Chopra is a huge inspiration. My energy and confidence  comes from her. Even at 65, she juggles between two jobs and is always on her toes. There's never a  dull moment when she is around."

Rajma chawal
"Nothing can beat homemade 'Rajma chawal'. I don't like eating out too much. Even during shoots, I always prefer to carry food from home. I am a salad person and I like making my own salad. There are a few dishes down  South that I particularly like and that includes 'Bisi Bele Bath', 'Pongal' and 'Butter Idli'. I can also have coffee and  green tea at anytime of the day."

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