Protesting TDP MP evicted from Rajya Sabha

Protesting TDP MP evicted from Rajya Sabha

Protesting TDP MP evicted from Rajya Sabha

Telugu Desam Party MP C M Ramesh was evicted from Rajya Sabha on Wednesday evening after he ignored the Chair's advice not to continue protest in Well when the discussion of the Budget was to start.

Soon after the Upper House voted on the motion of thanks to the President's address, Deputy Chairman P J Kurien called for the discussion on the budget. Three TDP MPs, including Ramesh, rushed to the Well of the House protesting against inadequate allocation for Andhra Pradesh.

Kurien then asked the MPs to return to their seats but the MPs continued their protest, forcing the deputy chairman to name the MP by invoking Rule 255 of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Council of States (Rajya Sabha).

According to Rule 255, the chairman may direct any member whose conduct is in his opinion grossly disorderly to withdraw immediately from the council and any member so ordered to withdraw shall do so forthwith and shall absent himself during the
remainder of the day's meeting.

As Ramesh did not leave the House, Kurien directed the marshalls to forcibly remove him from the House. While the marshalls were removing him, Kurien adjourned the House for 15 minutes. The treasury benches, meanwhile, urged Kurien to be lenient.

When Rajya Sabha re-assembled, Ramesh was present and this irked Kurien who said he cannot go ahead with business as Ramesh has not left the House. He again adjourned the House for another 15 minutes.

Again, when the House re-convened, the situation continued and Kurien adjourned the House for the day saying the episode does not augur well for the prestige of the House.