Residents reminisce the old-world charm of 'Hale taluku'

Residents reminisce the old-world charm of 'Hale taluku'

While demands are being placed before the government to declare Ponnampet and Kushalnagar as taluk centres, the local people still fondly remember the activities carried out in 'Hale Taluku' (old taluk) which was treated as a taluk centre in the olden days.

The small town situated one km away from Napoklu and lying in between Kakkabba and Bhagamandala connecting road is referred to as 'Hale taluku'. There was a shanubhogue's office where the officer or 'parupattegar' and clerk 'nada gumasta', managed people's revenue related works. The office was later shifted to Napoklu, said Bottolanda Mittu Poonaccha of Peruru village.

Lakshmi Vaidya, a senior citizen, said that Napoklu was a small town 80-years-ago. "There was a rough road from Madikeri to Moornadu which was covered with gravel stones. The road passed through Napoklu, Haletaluku, Nelaji and Kakkabbe. A few buses ferried passengers on this road. During the rainy season, Napoklu would get converted to an island. People bound to Madikeri had to walk up to Kottamudi and then cross the Cauvery river as the temporary bridge in Kottamudi would submerge. Boats ferried villagers through Ettukadu stream those days."

Local resident Boppera Kaverappa said that Hale taluku had a government model primary school. Hale taluku was a significant part of the region which comprised of Nalkunadu, Padinadu, Nelajinadu, Ballattanadu and Noorambadanadu.

Napoklu town was formed in 1841 AD. Facilities like Nadakacheri, Taluk Office, Police Station and Post office were added later. The then government also established a model school in 1870. Hale taluku acted as a link between Napoklu, Kakkabbe and Bhagamandala.

With the construction of more commercial buildings, schools and temple, the movement of vehicles has increased exponentially. Currently, Napoklu hobli houses seven village panchayats and 23 villages, and Napoklu town is considered as one among the biggest towns in Madikeri taluk. However, Hale taluku, which was the centre of activities in the yesteryears, has now remained as the old taluk.