Do you like newly proposed Karnataka flag? If not, design it yourself

Do you like newly proposed Karnataka flag? If not, design it yourself

The expert committee exploring the legality of bringing an official Karnataka state flag recently submitted a proposal to the government. The tricolour flag has yellow at the top, white in the middle and red at the bottom with the state emblem in the centre.

Various Kannada organisations have raised objections to the design. They want the widely recognised yellow and red 'Kannada flag' (hoisted on Nov. 1 every year to commemorate state formation) to be declared as the official state flag. This flag was designed by veteran Kannada activist 'Veera Senani' Ma Ramamurthy in the 1960s.

What are your thoughts on the proposed flag? Do you have other suggestions?

We're also presenting an opportunity for you to design the flag yourself. 

How do you do it? 

1. Click the link here
2. Edit the design given in the link with the tools on the left of the preview
3. Click the button 'Open as standalone' [.sgv]
4. Download the flag from the 'Save As' option given in the right-click menu
5. Convert the .svg file to .jpg here.
6. Download the jpg format of the flag and send it to us. Tag us on Twitter @DeccanHerald with the hashtag #MyKarnatakaFlag or send it to our Facebook inbox.

[Disclaimer: This is a initiative to increase community engagement. This has no connection with the Karnataka government initiative. Don't take it seriously. Thank you.]

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