Today's letters..

Today's letters..

Compulsory Attendance


Senior DMK leader and Union Chemicals and Fertilizers minister M.K. Alagiri's holidaying in Maldives at a time when the Parliament is in session reminds us of the saying saying "Nero was fiddling while Rome was burning". Ban on travel during session is, of course, not a wise step.   An MP/MLA or Minister can be permitted to abstain from attending to the Parliament/Assembly sessions in emergent situations.

Lack of knowledge in Hindi or English is not the valid excuse to abstain from attending to sessions.   Parliament or Assembly is not a school.   Attendance or absenteeism in school is the choice of student where the future of the student concerned only matters.   But as law makers, the representatives of people are accountable to the nation and their constituency. If attendance is not made compulsory leaving exceptional circumstances, more and more representatives of people may chose to keep themselves away from session. No attendance, no pay would go a long way in minimizing the abstention.

ISRO Layout

IPL Frenzy

There is an ardent evangelist coterie singing praise of IPL and Lalit Modi calling it the greatest innovation and best thing ever happening in sports marketing world. They in their enthusiasm forget that cricket was a by product in the overall scheme of things. The focus was on corruption, money laundering, tax evasion through using shady multiple non-entities through tax havens, nepotism... in one word CRONY capitalism. In a country, where illiteracy and irrationality go hand in hand, the kind of euphoria whipped up by the new opium of this nation viz. cricket, makes even the educated behave as if there is nothing called ethics or equity.  The frenzy with which the defense is being put up for BCCI, IPL or even Lalit Modi it would appear as if it were for promoting rural employment guarantee scheme for the poor! A nation which loses its mind and balance, certainly deserve this and much worse.

N K Raveendran
10-1/2 Haralur Road
Vartur Hobli PO

Maoist Menace

West Bengal government's proposed move to recruit militia to contain Maoist rebels in three sensitive districts of the state is timely and correct. Naxalism of the sixties and seventies, People's War Group of the eighties and nineties, and presently the Maoists- all these outfits have had it all holding the country to ransom with their subversive activities. After the Dantewada massacre of the CRPF personnel, the movement deserves no kid glove treatment. Their manner of strike, timing, and venality make them no different from cross border terrorists. The Centre along with fighting terrorists should help the states by providing adequate resources to curb the Maoist menace.

Sainath Ramaswamy
Kuvempu Layout

Bust the Political Nexus

There is a countrywide demand for probe into people involved in IPL irregularities. We are concetrating only on cricket team owners and organizers of cricket. But, what about the general polticians and also ministers in states and the Union Govt who have made crores of rupees out of corrupt practices? Will there be a probe into how they made much money. The politicians should not be able to go Scot free without proper investigation.


Property Documents Not Updated

Numerous Property tax payers have been put to needless harassment, as the receipts for payment of tax last year were manually issued to most of them and the data not updated in the BMP computers, with the result, this year's payments are not accepted by the machine.

People are driven from one centre to another with no clear indication of a remedy.  Nobody knows where and when the receipts can be converted into computer-given receipts, if it is required as per some officials in Bangalore One.  Nor anyone is prepared to give this year's receipts manually.

Moreover, ward numbers have been changed without proper publicity. Bangalore One in- charge (in Malleswaram, for instance) dares visitors to go to the Press, as he maintains he is not supposed to be helpful to visitors or bothered about what comes about in the Press.  Many senior citizens have been made to stand in line only to be told that they were in the wrong place without being told where the right place is.

No senior officer's number or name is available for clarification or complaint. You just cannot talk to anyone on phone in this matter. The Helpline advertised is a cruel joke as it is busy all the time and is not managed by senior officers who can give authentic information.

Narayan Paga
Ex-Chairman (o), Varada Garmin Bank

Rani Chennamma Nagar