Mar 22-Apr 20
You are likely to be preoccupied with money matters. There may be different challenges arising now and you display excellent abilities to handle resources you are responsible for. You catch up with old friends and there are some sparks flying where romance is concerned. Lucky Gem: Red Coral; Lucky Colour: Crimson; Lucky Number: 9

Apr 21-May 21
The coming week looks favourable financially and it may get you a new project or extra cash or a wonderful gift. There may be a couple of social occasions towards the end of the week. You like spending time with loved ones. Outdoor activities figure in a big way this week. Lucky Gem: Diamond; Lucky Colour: Green; Lucky Number: 6

May 22-June 21
You are likely to receive mixed results for your efforts in the coming week. Work moves on an even keel and the monetary situation is under control. Create savings and go easy on the spending. Take decisions carefully during this time as they will have lasting consequences. Lucky Gem: Emerald; Lucky Colour: Yellow; Lucky Number: 5

June 22-July 23
It's a relatively peaceful time. You are able to find your island of peace, thanks to a new spiritual practice or philosophy that you have embraced. There are lots that you want to accomplish and your own destructive emotions are the last thing you want standing in the way. Lucky Gem: Natural Pearl; Lucky Colour: White; Lucky Number: 2

July 24-Aug 21
You might take a major decision now, especially regarding the purchase of a large asset. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment as you achieve a rather big goal. There is support from loved ones, and possibly a celebration too. Your morale is upbeat as you look forward to enjoying the fruits of hard labour. Lucky Gem: Ruby; Lucky Colour: Orange; Lucky Number: 1

Aug 22-Sep 21
There's improvement in several areas of life. There may have been quite a few stress points in the past. This phase brings good tidings and you bounce back physically and mentally. There are interesting challenges at work and you also enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. Some may need to travel for work. Lucky Gem: Emerald; Lucky Colour: Blue; Lucky Number: 5

Sep 22-Oct 23
The coming week could be a fairly demanding time during the first half, especially as you organise a get-together. You could be required to deal with people, not necessarily the easiest ones to handle. There's love and support from a great relationship and you are quite content.Lucky Gem: Diamond; Lucky
Colour: Sky Blue; Lucky Number: 6

Oct 24-Nov 21
It is likely to be a tricky time for you. You may feel an increase in expectations and pressure at work. There could be clear instructions from superiors to raise the bar or increase the target. Persistent demands from family members may also create a difficult situation. Lucky Gem: Red Coral; Lucky Colour: Maroon; Lucky Number: 9

Nov 22-Dec 21
You might be mentally fragile as you may have dealt with financial and emotional pressures recently. There may be an inner need to be comforted and this may cause you to reach out to a loved one. There may be some financial gain towards the end of the week. Lucky Gem: Yellow Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Purple; Lucky Number: 3

Dec 22-Jan 20
You might be preoccupied with financial matters now. Take expert advice rather than letting your insecurities spill over. Sometimes, it's alright to process your own difficult emotions by yourself, especially when you can't trust anyone in your immediate environment. Lucky Gem: Blue Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Dark Blue; Lucky Number: 8

Jan 21-Feb 19
You may be swamped by domestic environment-related issues. Some may have moved to a new house or may be in the process of purchasing a new property. Renovation, decoration may be the main priorities. There are money concerns too. A loan given out in the past may not show signs of coming back easily. Lucky Gem: Blue Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Black; Lucky Number: 8

Feb 20-Mar 21
There may be an opportunity for work unfolding at a distant location. Some may even get a proposal to collaborate with a bigger name. There's an increase in your charm, charisma, confidence and morale. This is a fine phase for initiating image-building exercises and also creating lasting impressions. Lucky Gem: Sapphire; Lucky Colour: Sea Green; Lucky Number: 9