Boost your immunity with simple remedies

Boost your immunity with simple remedies

Pollution has become rampant in most of the Indian cities. And it only aggravates diseases like pneumonia, lung disorders, asthma that result from air pollution and jaundice, which is an outcome of water pollution. Let's look at some home remedies that can help you tackle these common illnesses:

Consuming lukewarm water two to three times a day can boost your immunity and flush out all the toxins.

Take steam from water infused with pudina and tulsi leaves for five minutes twice a day. You can substitute these with basil oil. This will keep respiratory disorders at bay.

Milk laced with turmeric is a curative drink. The combination of these two natural components is a simple remedy for respiratory illnesses like pneumonia and asthma.

Add two drops of aroma oil in 250 ml of water and pour it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture everywhere in your house. This will reduce stress and lower the instances of lifestyle-related diseases to a great extent.

Boil some water and add ginger, basil leaves, pudina and some cloves in it. This drink will prevent sinus disorder.

To keep your immune system in shape, try this clove and black pepper drink. Boil one cup of water, put two clove leaves and five black peppercorns in the water, your healthy drink is ready.

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