Dhananjaya plays a rowdy in 'Tagaru'

Dhananjaya plays a rowdy in 'Tagaru'

For actor Dhananjaya,  this year will start off with a big bang as 'Tagaru' will hit the screens on February 23. The teaser of his look  as Daali went viral a while back and brought him a lot of attention. In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, he talks about his character and  the experience of working in the movie.

You had three releases last year. How eventful will this year be?

Yes, last year was a fantastic one. This year starts off with the release of 'Tagaru'. I have been listening to scripts and the movie  should pave way for a  successful year ahead. But, I don't want to do films for the sake of it.  

How excited are you about 'Tagaru'?

Everyone has  high expectations for the film. The movie has the right content to make it a hit and is driving Shivarajkumar fans crazy.  His role and his work by itself will get the movie all the attention it needs. 'Tagaru' will be a turning point in my career.

What are the highlights of the film?

The combination of Suri and Shivarajkumar working together in a project itself is bound to impress everyone. The movie is a multi-starrer which will  bring in varied  movie lovers. The movie has explored a new style of screenplay.

Tell us about your look.

After years, I am sporting a short hair look for the movie. My character also  has coloured eyes and had a bigger build for which I had to gain weight. The director wanted to present me in an entirely different avatar and Daali is just that.

Do you connect to Daali at all?

Daali is a rowdy. He gets violent and angry easily. On the contrary, I am a calm and soft-spoken person. If  I ever have an argument with anyone, I am the first person to go and apologise.  

Did you regret chopping off your hair?

Not at all. Though we discussed the role and its look many times, I was apprehensive to share a  photograph with Suri when I got the haircut initially. But when I did,  his instant response was 'super'. Now I have realised that all my facial features are best highlighted when my hair is shorter and my beard is lighter. I look much better now.  

What has the film taught you?

I listen more now. There were a lot of discussions during the making of 'Tagaru' and I have learnt that giving stress to such details is important. Shivarajkumar is a big part of the project and one can learn a lot from him. He  creates a comfort zone for everyone. I love his spontaneity.

You recently wrote lyrics for a song in the film 'Orchestra'. Tell us more about it.

The film is a Mysuru-based film and is being made by my friends.  They know me as a writer and that is how I penned a song for them. It was a brilliant experience and I will be writing all nine songs for the movie now. The best part is that the music will be by Raghu Dixit.

What more would you like to explore?

I would like to travel more. In a few years, I see myself directing movies too.  

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