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A 12-day Karnataka Festival — A Cultural Curry showcasing the culture, art, heritage and food of the State began at The Chancery on Lavelle Road.

Flagging off the event was Parvathamma Rajkumar, who was welcomed with the traditional beating of drums. KFCC president Jayamala came a little later on and joined the celebration.They thoroughly enjoyed the meal which had an array of chutneys, pudis and a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. “The food was really tasty and I enjoyed every bit of it. My favourite among them was Halisila Hannu (‘jackfruit payasam’), Ulli Kalu Sopu Playa (horse gram), ragi rotis and the ‘chutneys’ were truly amazing. I am very happy,” said Jayamala.

Paying attention to every detail, the place was decked up with marigold flowers and lit up with candles, the place also saw the traditional potter on the wheel, puppets and channapatna toys and even the staff were dressed an traditional attire.
“A lot of people are not aware of Karnataka and its culture. So we thought of providing our guests a peak into its culture through this festival,” said S Banerjee, the general manager of The Chancery.

Inviting chefs from different regions of State, the cuisine was a hot pot of traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes available in the State.

“We cater a different menu everyday with four non-vegetarian dishes and three vegetarian dishes,” said Chef Govindiaih, who is an expert with Mysore and Udupi style of cooking. “Every chef has brought in two to three of their favourite dishes from their region for the festival,” he added.

Some of the specialities of the festival is the kore archi curry (mutton curry)’, massappu (puree of greens with spices) and the live cooking of akki roti and joladu roti. On till June 14, the festival is on for both lunch and dinner.

For details, call 22276767.

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