Pregnant woman chopped up using marble cutter

Pregnant woman chopped up using marble cutter

Pregnant woman chopped up using marble cutter

The Hyderabad police cracked the mysterious and gruesome murder of a pregnant woman, whose body was found in two sacks chopped into several pieces near the botanical gardens of Kondapur on January 30.

After killing her, the accused had chopped her body up using a marble cutter.

The police have arrested two persons in this regard. Addressing the press here, Hyderabad Police Commissioner Sandeep Sandilya brought out the dark and complex story of an extra-marital affair gone horribly wrong, leading to the murder of the 32-year-old Bingee alias Pinky.

Those arrested are Mamatha Jha (37), who was having with Vikas Kashyap (35), with whom Bingee was also having an affair.

The other person arrested is Mamatha's son Amarkanth Jha (21).

CCTV footage showed that Mamatha and Amarkanth carried the sacks carrying Bingee's body to where it was found on the morning of January 30.

A resident of Bihar, Bingee was married to Dinesh, with whom she had three children. She had left him with two of the children, taking only her eight-year-old son Jatin with her.

She began having an extramarital affair with Vikas, who had begun having an affair with Mamatha around the same time.

Mamtha Jha is married to Anil Jha (75). Amarkanth is their son.

Around eight months ago, Vikas, Mamatha, Anil and Amarkanth, leaving Bingee back in Bihar, came to Hyderabad.

Bingee, after much searching, managed to trace Vikas to Hyderabad and arrived in the city 45 days ago, after which she was staying with Vikas and the Jha family.

According to a statement by Jatin, the family used to never let him and Bingee leave the house.

With Bingee now being a hindrance to them, the rest of them decided to kill her and picked an argument with her on January 27.

Mamatha banged the pregnant woman to the wall and all of them kicked her until she died.

Postmortem reports revealed that the victim had a fractured pelvis and a ruptured uterus, as well as broken ribs.

They kept the body in the house through the morning of January 28, and at night Amarnath brought a marble cutter, using which he cut her body into little pieces.

CCTV footage revealed that Amarkanth and Mamatha had dropped off the sacks containing her body near the botanical garden, while forensic evidence said the woman was eight months pregnant.

While Amarkanth was arrested from Bihar, Vikas is yet to be traced.

"Bingee belongs to a poor family. While her father Dabboo Singh works at a brick factory in Rajasthan, her mother is from Malti village in Bihar," Shandilya told reporters.

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