JD(S) hires agency to fine tune its campaign strategies

JD(S) hires agency to fine tune its campaign strategies

JD(S) hires agency to fine tune its campaign strategies

The JD(S), which is looking at intensifying its campaigning activities, has hired an external agency to train and provide its candidates for the upcoming Assembly polls with innovative concepts to push forward it's 'Kumaraswamy for CM' campaign.

Recently, the JD(S) state president H D Kumaraswamy organised a near four-hour presentation at the party office in Bengaluru, where representatives of the agency briefed the probable candidates about the various services it has in the offing to improve their campaigning methods.

Candidates, including the sitting MLAs and MLCs were present during the presentation. The agency, which will be setting up an office in Bengaluru, is said to have devised similar campaigning strategies in other states too.

For starters, members of the team will conduct one-on-one interviews with each candidate. The team will then design campaigning strategies based on the candidate/constituency requirements.

The team will also be renting out LED vans to each candidate, who will be asked to deploy it across his/her constituency. The vans with LED screens will showcase the candidate, and also display videos on Kumaraswamy's achievements, contributions and promises.

The vans will travel from village to village, making an emotional appeal to the voter to elect the JD(S) to power and make Kumaraswamy the chief minister again.

The team will also hire teams of 50 youths comprising boys and girls in every constituency.

These boys and girls will be carrying out 'bicycle campaigns', where they will traverse through the constituency distributing the party's manifesto to every household.

This apart, candidates can also hire teams to stage street plays as part of its campaigning activities. Each candidate can hire two such teams.

'Mane Manege Kumaranna'

During the presentation, Kumaraswamy is learnt to have pulled up the party MLAs and probable candidates for not carrying out the door-to-door campaigning under 'Mane Manege Kumaranna', which pitches him as the chief ministerial candidate.

Recalling the BJP's strategy during the previous Lok Sabha elections, where the slogan was 'Modi for PM', the JD(S) candidates were asked to make 'HDK for CM' their mantra during their campaigns. They were also pulled up for not exploiting social media as a tool.