Nothing but films

Nothing but films

Shabana Azmi's on-screen teenage daughter in the crime thriller Jazbaa, Priya Banerjee, has grown up. The gorgeous actor has come into her own after starring in multiple blockbusters in Bollywood and down South to launch her own beauty and fashion app.

A fashionista in the making

"I love fashion. But I am not a brand slave. I go for what makes me look good and feel comfortable. If I feel sexy wearing it, I could definitely pull it off with confidence. I certainly do not believe in following trends blindly. So, I finally decided to come up with an online tool that could help girls like me style themselves for different occasions," Priya says.

Quite a fashion diva herself, Priya is all set to give her inputs, including lessons on how to apply make-up, and cues on mixing and matching clothes and footwear for sporting different looks. "I'm very excited about this app since this is focused on something I enjoy. It is also a great way to keep in touch with my fans and guide them about everything related to beauty and fashion. This app will also give everyone a peep into my life. I am super-excited about it," she says. Then divulges, "My fashion inspiration has always been Audrey Hepburn. She's classic."

This Canadian actor of Indian descent has been busy shooting for Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films since she debuted in commercial cinema. Kiss, in Telugu, happened followed by the Tamil movie, Ula; Jazbaa and Dil Jo Na Keh Saka, apart from many web series. Since then, there has been no looking back with movies and commercials falling into her lap. A trained kathak dancer and a major in Rabindra Sangeet, Priya has wowed audiences in Canada. She won the title of 'Miss Photogenic' at the Miss World Canada contest in 2011, and then worked as a TV show host too.

So, is it India or Canada for her? "See, India is work and Canada is home. I could never pick one," she laughs. "When I live in India for too long, working round the clock, I tend to get homesick and go to Canada to spend time with my family. When I am in Canada for too long, I get Mumbai-sickness and put myself on the next flight back to India."

Fans galore

Few know that Priya is an ardent animal lover. Abby, her canine, is the love of her life. "When I moved to India, my heart broke upon seeing the number of stray, starving animals we have on the streets. I believe all of us should work towards providing shelter, food and love for them. I had never experienced this searing urge while growing up in Canada. That is one objective on my agenda in the near future," she says, toying with her phone.

Just like all other youngsters. "My phone is definitely my life!" she enthuses, "as I do most of my work-related stuff, including checking emails, browsing the web, on it."

And what's in her bag right now? "Lip gloss. Perfume. Chewing gum," she retorts promptly. Needless to say, Priya has a massive fan following amongst the teens.

Next on her list is travel. "You know, I can go on and on about my bucket list. I want to go on a world tour. That is my secret dream. I am bitten by wanderlust. I absolutely love travelling and am hoping to travel a bit more this coming year. I love seeing new places, cultures, and of course, eating different types of food. But Bengali cuisine ranks the highest on my list of favourites," she smiles. "My all-time favourite comfort food would be the delicious mutton biryani my mother makes. Nothing beats that."

While Priya isn't really a gym freak, she does run, with her ear plugs on, to "cut off from the world for a bit - that is my 'me' time," she says. She is big on romantic movies and novels too.

Parting shot? "Be confident and believe in yourself, because if you do not, then no one else will," she says with a smile.

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