Unsavoury activities in Block Edn Office

Unsavoury activities in Block Edn Office

Only a little later do the big boards displayed here reveal that it is a government office. The parking, along with other unethical activities, are side-businesses that flourish within the premises of this building, which faces the new bridge on the road. The dilapidated and locked old BEO building, absence of a compound wall and the broken huge gate clearly facilitate these happenings.  

Residents in the vicinity, requesting anonymity, say the place buzzes with activity during weekends and holidays. Booze parties, gambling and young couples strolling into the premises hand in hand are regular occurrences here.

When questioned about these activities Block Education Officer Aswath Narayana Gowda said that he had warned the watchman twice regarding parking of vehicles here. “I have explained to him that it was a dangerous thing to do since the space could even be misused by terrorists,” Gowda said.  

According to the officer, the watchman claimed he was helpless and that many shoppers on Commercial Street coolly parked their vehicles and vanished. Shivakumar has even been threatened with consequences if he does not permit people to park.

Gowda said the keys of all the rooms of the new office and the old one are entrusted with the peon. However, Gowda stressed that neither he nor any of his officers were involved in taking money.