Patient's family creates ruckus in hospital

Patient's family creates ruckus in hospital

Although the hospital denied the allegations, it however, suspended a male nurse pending inquiry.

Police said Prashant Aradhya was admitted to Rangadorai Hospital on March 29 last after he suffered burns in a road accident. Dr Prashant Kesari, a consulting dermatologist at the hospital, was treating Aradhya.

On Friday night, the patient's relatives handed over Clarithromycin, an antibiotic injection prescribed by Dr Prashant to Jiten, a male nurse. According to Aradhya's mother Puttamma, Jiten allegedly replaced the injection with distilled water and administered it to the patient. When Aradhya's condition reportedly didn't improve, they questioned Jiten.

Refuting the allegations, Dr Vishwanath, Managing Director of the hospital, said that the incident occurred due to "miscommunication" as  Jiten doesn't know Kannada.  

He also alleged that the incident was a "ploy" to have the hospital bills waived off.  The hospital's administrator Dr Sudha has also lodged a complaint against Nagabhushan, the patient's brother for "criminally intimidating" her over the phone.

While a case has been booked against the hospital management, a case of criminal intimidation has been registered against Nagabhushan.