How much does a sip cost?

How much does a sip cost?

How much does a sip cost?

Come every summer and a water crisis stares Bengaluru in the face. However, a recent report by the BBC put forth an exceedingly grim picture when it predicted that Bengaluru was second in the list of major cities that will run out of water soon.

Many feel that such a fear is quite exaggerated for a variety of reasons. However it is no secret that drinking water is fast becoming a scarce commodity for many here. Interestingly, while many struggle to meet their basic needs, others are shelling out thousands for premium drinking water.

A Beverly Hills 9OH2O luxury edition of bottled water has hit the Indian market with an unbelievable price tag of Rs 65 lakh. The diamond edition of the world's most expensive bottle of water is limited to only nine one-litre bottles, each priced at USD 100,000, or Rs 65 lakh. Containing 'master crafted' spring water from Beverly Hills, the bottles are designed by celebrity jeweller Mario Padilla. Each bottle contains a white gold cap studded with diamonds. Each bottle also comes in a case with four Baccarat crystal tumblers.

The next in line is Evian, with water that comes from shores of Lake Leman or Lake Geneva. It is priced at approximately Rs 600 per litre and is a favourite of many celebrities, notable among them Indian skipper Virat Kohli.

Others in the category include Perrier and Alkalen. 330 ml of Perrier sparkling natural mineral rich water is priced at Rs 225 on Amazon which makes it approximately Rs 681 for one litre.

The lesser priced ones are still not affordable for a majority of the population. One litre of Alkalen premium enhanced water will cost you around Rs 70. Himalayan Natural mineral water costs Rs 60 for one litre while Glacéau Smartwater, an offering from Coca-Cola India, costs around Rs 66 for one litre. A litre of Qua mineral water costs around Rs 45.

Coming down to earth, packaged drinking water of almost all brands cost around Rs 19-20 per litre.

Now contrast this with the rates at which BWSSB supplies water to you. Water consumption till 8000 litres is priced at Rs 7 per 1000 litres. Above 50,000 litres will make you eligible to be charged at Rs 45 per 1000 litres.

Think. Pause. Reflect. Is it because this water is supplied to us at such a low cost that we fail to value it accordingly?