Choose between 'commission' govt and 'mission' govt: Modi

Choose between 'commission' govt and 'mission' govt: Modi

Choose between 'commission' govt and 'mission' govt: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday took his "10% commission sarkar"   jibe against the Congress government a step forward asking the people to choose between a dispensation which takes cut for everything or the BJP which will deliver a "mission government."

Addressing a well-attended rally, Modi trained his guns on the state government stating that the longer the dispensation continue, the further it will ruin the state. "Do you want a commission or a mission government?", he asked throwing the question to the crowd.

Modi during his visit to Bengaluru to address a pre-election rally earlier this month had made the "10% sarkar"   jibe against the state government much to the chagrin of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who sought that the prime minister should release evidence to prove his charge.

Modi, who addressed the rally at Maharaja College grounds, the same place were party national president Amit Shah addressed the conclusion of Navakarnataka Nirmana Parivarthan yatra, sarcastically said his comments had made people angry. "I received calls, people sent me messages that it is not just 10%, but much more!"

Modi, who started and ended his speech in Kannada, dubbed the Congress government and its leaders as "petty minded" who are only interested in saving their chair and not bothered about development or progress. "Bundles of notes are exchanged every day to get work sanctioned and they not even ashamed. Karnataka should be freed from such a government," he added.

He accused the government of not utilising grants given by the Centre for political reasons. "They are only dividing society and misleading the people by repeated lies," he said.

He sought to compare the Congress governments to a "road hump.". "The NDA government is like a world like highway allowing you to cruise with top speed, but Congress governments are like road humps becoming impediments to progress and development.

He said governments are constitutionally obliged to work towards progress but the Congress which ruled the country for more than 50 years had moved in the opposite direction.

He said the NDA government at the Centre and the BJP dispensation at the state will provide remarkable results. "I request all of you to meet people, go to the polling booth and ask the voters to root out this government,"   he told the crowd.

He said the Mudra Yojana of the Centre had provided loans to 10 crore people without any bank guarantee. The opening of Jan Dan accounts had financially empowered the poor.  

The Centre was committed to   ensure every family has a house by 2022. "But the state government is creating hurdles in implementation. If you want development in the state the BJP is the only answer, " he said.

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