A natural spring near Tumkur

Namada Chilume is a perennial natural spring, amidst the rocks. The spring is considered to be the origin of the Jayamangali river. Apart from a lot of mythology surrounding it, this spring actually provides drinking water to devotees who visit here. What’s more, its water forms a pond nearby which provides water to animals in the forest.

Namada Chilume is part of the Devarayanadurga forest. The forest department has developed a nursery of medicinal plants. You can even find an Ayurvedic doctor who is permitted to make and sell Ayurvedic products out of these medicinal plants.
This region is a key place for students of botany, who are interested in plant varieties. It is also a favourite haunt for ornithologists, thanks to its wide variety of birds. Noted ornithologist Salim Ali also observed and recorded many species of birds here.
There is a dedicated deer park in the area, with over 40 deer. The region is also a trekkers’ paradise.

Namada Chilume is around 65 kms from Bangalore. There are plenty of buses available from Tumkur. 

V L Prakasha

Water tanks for wildlife
Nemu Gawda, a young villager of Gharli village near Londa of Belgaum district was happy to sight wild animals like bison, panther, bears, spotted deer and even two elephants frequenting a huge tank to drink water in the forest built by the forest department.
Girish Hosur, a young IFS officer, presently serving as a Deputy Conservator of Forest in Belgaum came up with the idea of constructing huge water tanks and check dams in forest areas.

 “In these two years, we have built 40 tanks in the forest. This is likely to check man-animal conflict, on the rise in recent years. “In summer, water bodies in some parts of the forest dry up and animals are forced to frequent streams near villages,” said Hosur. Although the concept is based on the watershed programme, it will help wildlife in summer. The Belgaum forest division is one of the famous biodiversity hotspots in the state, home to several rare and endemic species here.

Manjunath Sullolli