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Metrolife filmi fundas

Metrolife filmi fundas


“My character is supposed to speak a smattering of bad Hindi in Shor. I have exactly 15 words in Hindi in Shor,” said Sendhil, 35, best known for his role in NBC series Heroes.

Shor is being produced by Ekta Kapoor. “Trust me, I’ve counted them. I tried to get them to cut it down. I had 30 Hindi words to begin with. I got them reduced by half. I must be the only actor in the world who has actually asked for my lines to be cut," he added.

“My mother is a Tamilian. My dad is a Kannadiga. I can barely manage Kannada. I don’t know Hindi at all. For those 15 words in Shor, I got a Hindi coach to tutor me and then I memorised them on my I-Pod,” he said.

When Sendhil flew down here, he had a shock waiting for him. His film It’s A Wonderful Afterlife was being dubbed in Hindi. His thick but gracious American accent is a dead giveaway. And yet he will be seen spouting rapid fire Hindi dialogues in Gurinder Chadha’s comedy. He doesn’t hesitate in expressing his displeasure. “I just heard about the dubbed version. I kinda hate it. I didn’t know there was going to be a Hindi version. I’m surprised and not too happy to hear that I will be speaking in Hindi.”

“I’ve heard myself speak in French, Japanese, Polish and so many other languages that my serial Heroes was dubbed in. It sounds weird. It takes away a lot from the performance. Now I’m about to hear myself in Hindi. I wish they just had Hindi subtitles,” he said. But Sendhil doesn't see any incongruity in being a Bollywood actor who can't speak Hindi. “When I was here the last time, my producer Ekta Kapoor had thrown a party for me to meet the Bollywood actors and actresses. When I apologetically confessed that I didn’t speak in Hindi, they said, ‘Neither do we’,” he said.

But the actor is quite happy with It’s A Wonderful Afterlife. “It’s a fun film. I hope people will enjoy it.” Sendhil is all praise for his co-star Shabana Azmi. “Shabana and I have kept in touch after shooting. My parents are huge fans of hers. When I was shooting with her in the UK, they actually flew over from the United States to meet her. Shabana was so warm and generous with my parents.”
Sendhil said, “I do have a responsibility to promote a film when I am in it. And I’ve to rush back to start work on a new American television serial Covert Affairs. I wouldn’t be in India for the premiere of Gurinder’s film. I’m really disappointed. I tried to accommodate it.”

Sendhil is married to actress Olga Sosnovska. “I met her in London at a drama school. She’s British-Polish. We have two children. I make sure the family travels with me when I’m shooting outside the US. They were with me in the UK when we did Gurinder’s film. It’s difficult to coordinate their schedules with mine. Luckily, I've the means to fly them wherever I am.”

Sendhil is pleased with his children's cosmopolitan upbringing. “They speak Polish with my wife. They go to a French school. And my parents speak to them in Kannada. So either my children are going to be amazingly cosmopolitan, or they’ll just be confused. I’ll let you know!”

Shazahn’s yoga funda
Shazahn Padamsee, who has been lost in the wilderness after her debut Rocket Singh — Salesman Of The Year, opposite Ranbir Kapoor, makes sure the clothes she wears look ultra chic. And with that kind of body, the girl is the envy of many eyes! Though Shazahn isn’t too candid about her fitness regime, she has taken to yoga in a big way. Shazahn’s routine includes a lot of surya namaskars and ashtanga yoga along with hot yoga. She is working on her endurance, energy and stamina levels.
Says Shazahn, “I never skip my yoga sessions and it’s more to do with fitness and being healthy as opposed to having a great body. Fruits and yogurt are a big part of my diet. And I end every session with a few minutes of uninterrupted meditation.” So why isn't Shazahn following the gym bandwagon? Answers Shazahn, “To me the mind is as important as the body.”

Sequels in pipeline
Following the success of City of Gold in both the Hindi and Marathi versions, the producers of the movie have already planned to make a sequel to the film in both the versions — Hindi as well Marathi. The films have been directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. The Marathi version Lalbaug Parel has received great response from the audiences as well as the reviewers.
“The collections for the first week across Maharashtra were between Rs 1.6-1.8 crore,” said chairman and producer of Dar Motion pictures Arun Rangachari. “Undoubtedly, Mahesh Manjrekar would be directing the sequels as well. It might be another real life story related to Mumbai, although nothing has been finalised yet.” The producers are eagerly waiting to see the reactions for City of Gold which released on April 23.

Fruitful friendship
Everyone has seen the relationship that Vindu Dara Singh and Akshay Kumar share offscreen. But audiences are going to see their friendship on the screen as well soon. We are talking about the forthcoming film of Akshay Kumar — Housefull. Not many people know that Vindu Dara Singh plays a sutradhaar for Akshay Kumar, narrating the various instances from Akshay’s life throughout the film.
“It was great shooting for the film. Akshay and I had a blast as we would keep speaking in Punjabi. The Macau schedule was the best as we played so many pranks, especially on Chunky. Yes it is a small role, but that was because I had other commitments as well and now the whole crew feels that after my Bigg Boss win, they should have given me a bigger role,” laughs Vindu. Well here’s wishing Vindu all the luck and a fruitful friendship with Akki dear.

Radiant rampwalk
Mumbai-based institute Rachna Sansad completed 50 years and its students held a fashion walk recently with top models. To honour their works, designer Nisha Sagar showcased her designs on the ramp and actor Smilie Suri was the star show-stopper for her. Wearing a beige cocktail ghaghra with a corset, Smilie looked radiant and pretty. Other two designers who participated in this show were Viraj Varija and Archana Kochhar. The show was choreographed by Utsav Dholakia.