In jubilant mood

In jubilant mood


In jubilant mood

As the name suggests, the function was truly a celebration. However, it was not just the prize winners who were in a jubilant mood, every student attending the function had a special reason to celebrate. This was because the evening college had not conducted sports or cultural events since 1996 and it was the students' initiative that had brought the competitions back.

   The best cultural acts in dance, drama, singing, mimicry and monoacting were showcased for entertainment. The fashion show, conducted in five innovative rounds, was the highlight of the evening. Students participated in the ‘Ghostriders’ round and was dressed up in Haloween-like costumes.

   They also sported the cowboy look, the Munnabhai-look and modelled the Western business attire. A clever spin was taken on the Ramayana and Mahabharata, infusing the epic story with Kannada film songs. Freestyle dancing to popular English hip hop numbers as well as group dances to crowd favourites like Aaja Nachle were performed.

Kannada film actor Yash was the chief guest of the function. The crowd went wild with delight as he came on, whistling and hooting all the while. He commended the students on their hard work and said, “There are several students who enjoy a free ride of education but I congratulate you all for balancing your work and studies and now even cultural activities.”
Anil Kumar, the overall organiser explains, “We constituted a committee of twelve, with representatives from every department. We then approached our management for permission. They readily agreed, as long as we included faculty members in the process, which we did. We also got together 40 volunteers from across various semesters and called the meetings on Sunday mornings.”

The college has excellent facilities for cricket, volleyball, throwball, badminton, tennis and so on. These were also some of the sports events conducted for the students. B Anand, who was the winner in the table tennis segment, has played the sport at state level tournaments. He says, “I used to come to college early so that I could play table tennis with day-college students." He had given up playing competitively at college, when he joined two years back, but had now been given an opportunity to display his skill at Parva.

It’s the same story with Lokesh R, who won first place in the solo dance competition. Lokesh was a dancer with Shadows, one of the top five dance troupes in the City. He too had given up hopes of continuing his passion after joining the college. He says, “I am planning to start a dance club in the college and take the group to various inter-college competitions since I have seen that talent exists among the students.”

Anil promises that Parva will continue every year from now onwards, “We have already identified the students who actively helped organise the event this year. They will be entrusted with Parva next year. Besides, the winners of  this year’s competitions are also eagerly awaiting Parva 2011 and will definitely help organise it because they themselves have enjoyed it."