Kamal Haasan launches party, names it 'Makkal Needhi Mayyam'

Kamal Haasan launches party, names it 'Makkal Needhi Mayyam'

Kamal Haasan launches party, names it 'Makkal Needhi Mayyam'

Amid fanfare, actor Kamal Haasan today launched his political party, naming it "Makkal Needhi Mayyam," and unveiled its flag that symbolises the strength of unity.

"I am not your leader, I am your tool.. this gathering is full of leaders," he said moments before announcing the party's name that roughly translates to "Centre for People's Justice."

The party flag was unveiled just before Haasan announced the name of his party with a brief pause heightening the dramatic effect as the huge crowd roared its approval.

The flag in white background has six hands joining together with shades of red over three hands and rest with white along with a star in between surrounded by a star like background in black.

Colours black and white has a political significance in Tamil Nadu which forms part of the flags of the two big parties of the state-- AIADMK and DMK--and the shades are also seen as a pointer to the Dravidian ideology.

Citing a Tamil proverb of 'Oru Soru,' which means a small example of a whole lot, he said the launch was just the first step for 'makkal atchi,' (people's rule).

Clad in a white shirt and a black trousers, a smiling Haasan arrived on the stage showing the thumbs up sign to his fans who had arrived in large numbers to announce the party name.

His supporters waved banners sporting popular catch words from his movies like 'Nammavarey,' (Our man) and placards of 'Nalai Namathey," showing a smiling Haasan. Cultural events preceded the lauch. Haasan arrived here from Rameswaram after visiting former President A P J Abdul Kalam's house where he sought blessings from the late leader's brother.