Good response from NRIs this Mahamastakabhisheka

Good response from NRIs this Mahamastakabhisheka

250 of them in attendance, happy with arrangements by govt

Good response from NRIs this Mahamastakabhisheka

The 88th Mahamastakabhisheka for Bahubali's statue has evoked good response from non-resident Indians (NRI) and around 250 NRIs have participated in this year's event so far.

NRI committee vice-president Arathi Krishna said all facilities were provided to the NRIs and they were allowed to offer prayers and perform Mastakabhisheka on the 6th day of the festival.

Speaking at an interaction programme on NRIs, 'Rajya Sarkarada Anivasi Bharathiya Neethi,' organised by the district administration at Police Nagar here, she said the government had provided information on the importance of Bahubali's Mahamastakabhisheka among Indians residing in foreign countries. Around 250 people from across the globe responded at a short notice, which is a good development, she said.  

The NRIs were given an opportunity to participate in the Jalabhisheka on the 6th day. Special arrangements were made for them to stay in Hassan. Six buses were at their service to enable them to travel between Bengaluru and Shravanabelagola and also visit tourist destinations in the district, Arathi said.

Jain Mutt seer Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swami expressed his happiness over the good response from the Indians staying in foreign countries, who attended the festival held once in 12 years.

The seer said, "Bhaktiyinda Shakti (power from devotion), Shaktiyinda Yukti (wisdom from power) and Yuktiyinda Mukti (salvation from wisdom). One should read the Jain epic 'Thatwartha Sutra' or 'Moksha Shastra', which shed light on life's knowledge and history".

According to the Archeology department, the sculptures of Bhagwan Vrushabhanatha and Bahubali which date back to 5,000 years ago were found at the sites of Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilisations. This shows the antiquity of the Thirthankaras and Bahubali, he said.

Anil Jain from Toronto expressed his happiness over the hospitality extended to them during their stay at Shravanabelagola.

A few NRI guests were presented with silver kalashas, replicas of the Ashoka pillar, Bahubali's sculpture and certificates. All NRIs were presented with mementoes and felicitated on the occasion.