Vidwath may be shifted to Mumbai, Singapore

Vidwath may be shifted to Mumbai, Singapore

Vidwath may be shifted to Mumbai, Singapore

Haris's son Mohammed Nalapad Haris and his associates had brutally attacked Vidwath at Farzi Cafe in Bengaluru on February 17.

Doctors treating Vidwath said, "He is still finding it difficult to breathe. He has developed an eye infection due to the blood clot in his facial contusion. He has fever since Wednesday  night."

With tears rolling down his cheeks, Vidwath's father J Loganathan was looking through the glass panel of the ICU of Mallya Hospital in Bengaluru where his son is undergoing treatment for the last five days.

Loganathan is yet to come to terms with what has happened to his son. Vidwat, who recently completed his MBA in Singapore, was supposed to begin his first job next week back in the city-state.

Loganathan has not stepped out of the hospital since Vidwath was admitted. He has so far avoided speaking to the media.

Speaking to DH, Vidwat's father J Loganathan asked the media to report about "hundreds of people" who have suffered at the hands of Mohammed, instead of focusing only on his son.

Loganathan said: "Please do not report about my son, we will take care of him. There are hundreds of people who were attacked by Mohammed and his associates. Please go and report on their condition."

"Their voices were not heard when they were assaulted. There are plenty of cases which have gone unreported...If you go to UB City, every bar owner and businessmen will tell you about Mohammed's hooliganism," he added.

"I did not to speak to the media till now. At this stage, my son's recovery is important," he said.

"I am hearing a lot of his goonda acts in UB City and surrounding areas," he said, adding that some victims are now coming forward with their stories.

'No political link'

I am not a supporter of the Congress or the BJP or any other political party. People who are visiting the hospital, including officials and political leaders, are all well-wishers.

Spiking rumours that he was close to former deputy chief minister R Ashoka and KPCC president G Parameshwara, Loganathan said: "Bureaucrats and political leaders who are visiting the hospital are known to me and my family for many years."

Parameshwara has seen my children grow up, he said. "His wife (Kannika Parameshwari) brought food twice to the hospital."

"My family is close to Dr Rajkumar's. Somebody from Dr Rajkumar's family has been bringing food every day. They are bringing liquid food like juice and soup for Vidwath. I am grateful to them," Loganathan said.

When asked what he felt after seeing his son on Saturday night, Loganathan said: "I don't have words to explain what I felt... Nobody should beat anyone to this extent. My son was inhumanly assaulted even after knowing that he was already injured."


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