Losing hair? Just style it right

Losing hair? Just style it right

Losing hair? Just style it right

If hair loss has forced you to stick to the boring hairstyles, things are definitely about to change. Owing to stressful lifestyle and food habits, women and men in their 20s and 30s are experiencing hair fall.

In the initial stages of hair fall, you can try out various hair styles that can make your scalp look full. These hair styles will provide volume, density or thickness, or all of these for individuals, based on the extent of their hair loss.

Here are some styles that you can try out if you suffer from severe hair loss and thinning hair:

* For someone with a receding hair line, beginning largely around the temples or the crown of the head (a common form of hair loss for men), the comb-over is a popular style. Basically, the sides of one's head are faded while the top is shorn and then swept to one side to give you volume as well as a stylish look. In fact, this same style can
be taken a step further by sweeping short spikes of hair upwards.

* For thinning hair among men, a medium cut with a deep side parting that is swept up and away from the face is a simple way to make the most of the hair and to look younger too. One can even go for shaved sides and a small mohawk that will give a really stylish look.

* For women with thinning hair, a shorter hair cut will give the face more shape and increase density of hair at the same time, as most of it will be concentrated at one place. Aesthetically, people can also look at hair extension clip-ons like fringes, in case of scanty hair at the forehead to get a more complete scalp.

* If you are working without a fringe, then camouflages become mandatory. If you have hair on one side of your head, this can be moved around and styled well to make the most of what you have.

* In fact, there are small hair pieces that can be styled whichever way you like. They can be placed on the patch where you have lost hair and then be styled accordingly. This can be camouflaged with the rest of the hair, especially when you have long hair.

Apart from aesthetic add-ons and haircuts, it is also essential to take care of one's food habits and lifestyle.