Krishi does not want to be an eye candy

Krishi does not want to be an eye candy

Krishi does not want to be an eye candy

Actor Krishi Thapanda  is geared up for the release of upcoming movie  'Kannadakkagi Ondannu Otti'. She believes that it will be a turning point in her career as this movie will  make filmmakers realise that she is capable of a lot more than just being a glamorous face. In a chat with Tini Sara Anien, she talks about her role and her recent stint in 'Big Boss'.

Tell us about your role in  'Kannadakkagi...'.  

I play a character with two shades in the movie. I am a bubbly, happy-go-lucky, engineering student in the first half. I fall in love and my life changes after the interval. I am seen in a much more serious avatar as a Malanad girl, in a sari and nosering. I've never been seen in such an avatar ever. People always associate me with glamorous roles.  

What kind of roles do you want to be seen in?

I don't restrict myself from any roles. I don't want to  be just an eye-candy  in a film. People have often told me that I am an underrated actor and I want to prove all of them wrong with my performance in  'Kannadakkagi...' and upcoming projects.

Some of your favourite things about 'Kannadakkagi...'.

Playing two varied roles in the same project was very exciting. Though I relate closely to the bubbly  college avatar, it was a blessing to play a serious woman. The movie was shot at beautiful locations in Chikkamagaluru which was very thrilling.  The songs in the movie are also really exciting.

Other projects in the pipeline...

I am awaiting the release of 'Ira' too. I have not signed any new projects but I
have heard many scripts. Work on some confirmed scripts will start slowly.  The team of  'Kannadakkagi...' stalled the release of the movie for me, as I was in 'Bigg Boss'. I owe the team my  time and effort to popularise and make the  film a hit.

How was the experience of being in 'Bigg Boss'?

I never aimed to be a part of a reality show but I always look forward to new and different experiences. Most of the times I am on a set shooting for a movie or travelling. This was  something out of my comfort zone. I am not used to living with a lot of people, especially not when negative vibes are in the air. I  realised my own capacities and discovered a lot of things about myself through the show.  

How was it to be around actor Sudeep?

Even after I am out of the show, whenever we meet, I start laughing. When Sudeep meets me, he says 'Krishi,  your time starts now'. And I start laughing. I had a  wonderful time just being around him.

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