Central, State govts flayed for anti-poor policies

Central, State govts flayed for anti-poor policies

Speaking at CPM convention, he urged the government to scrap BPL and Anthyodhaya schemes.

He flayed the government for assuring to provide 25 kg rice per family at Rs 3 per Kg. On the contrary the poor families were earlier getting 35 kg rice at Rs 2 per kg. The economic and natural wealth of the country is being looted by the Multi National Companies. The illegal mining is continuing unabated. There is political instability in the country. The common man’s livelihood is destroyed by the flawed government policies.

Sri Ramareddy said the central government’s budget is projected as pro agriculture. But there is not a single point which substantiates it. The government is giving Rs 100 crore subsidy to set up cold storage facility. But an ordinary farmer can not avail its facility. The central government has announced Rs 400 crore grant towards agriculture in North East India without knowing the realistic situation. The main problem of agriculture is that the input cost has increased. The government is not helping the farmer in this regard. The farmers are unable to get more profit than what they have invested. Agricultural produce has decreased by 2.6 per cent. The government has failed to implement the Swaminathan report. The prices of the essential commodities are increasing, he added.

He said strengthening Gram Panchayats would help in solving Maoist menace. The left parties are insisting on socio-economic progress of the Naxal infested areas to solve the menace.

Reddy said that on the insistence of the left parties Forests Rights Act was passed in 2007. But it has not been implemented so far.

The left party’s aim is to provide people with food,education and health.

Reddy ridiculed CM B SYeddurappa for announcing Rs 15 lakh grant to Gram Panchayats  which elect BJP candidates unopposed.

He said the state government proposes to construct an IT-BT park at Devanahalli International airport. But according to experts the land requirement for an IT-BT park is only 500 acres.

A nation-wide bundh will be called on Tuesday in protest against the rise of price of essential commodities.

ALL India CITU secretary S Varamalakshmi said BJP is the first government in state to increase the rate of milk by Rs 3. This increased amount will not go to farmers but to milk agents.