Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Torchbearer of Kolar tradition

Dr C Radhakrishna is the torch bearer of the 'Kolar' Dance tradition. Being a disciple of Nattuvanar N Gundappa, he is the worthy heir of the Yajaman Kolara Kittanna "Parampara" and doyen of Kolara Parampara.

He has trained hundreds of students and is a recipient of several awards including Shanthala Award and Honorary Doctorate from the University.

To celebrate Dr Radhakrishna's 90th birthday, his students had organised a special dance programme called "Kala Saarthakya" on Friday.

Dr Radhakrishna has researched the old book of Yajman Kolara Kittanna and has reconstructed "Chitra Natya" and few other compositions.

His senior students presented few selected compositions at the Chowdaiah Memorial Hall. Five students of Padmini Seshadri chose "Asta Dikpalaka Aradhana" in ragamalika and Thaala Malika, each with a definite 'Devathe', vehicle and weapon in a specific raga and thala. Six students of Mala Shashikanth presented swara Pallavi in the Shanmukhapriya raga. The 'Kaivare Prabhanda' of Venkatamukhi in the raga Ramapriya was actually a Nataraja stuthi.

With Pallavi, Anu Pallavi and Ethugade it was performed in the form of a varna. In the "Astadala Kamala" Veena and Apurva performed it in the form of a varna and lotus emerged from the footwork of the dancers! So also in the next 'Chitranatya' which on conclusion a 'Brindavan' emerged from the footwork unfolds the image of a 'Brindavana' from the dance steps (Mala Shashikanth) was fascinating. It is worth to remember that these rare compositions have been brought on the stage for the first time! Hence with some more intensified practice and stage performance, these pictures of Chitranatya may become more beautiful and the performance impactful. Anyhow thanks to Guru Dr Radhakrishna for bringing to light these rare compositions even at his old age (90), which is proof of his deep research mentality and sincerity.

Vasudha Balakrishna (vocal), Prasanna Kumar (Natuvanga), Janardhan (mridanga), Vivek Krishna (flute), Dr. Nataraj Murthy (violin) - supported from the wings.

Melodious Sam-giti

The Antarnaad presented a "Sam-giti" - a Karnatic and Hindustani music recital, at the Gayana Samaja auditorium.

Ambi Subramaniam is the son and disciple of Dr L Subramaniam, the internationally acclaimed violinist.

A child prodigy, Ambi gave his first performance at the age of 7 and has performed in many countries and received many awards at a young age itself.

Through his Scheme "Sapa in Schools" he is teaching at a number of school children, along with his sister Bindu.

Ambi Subramaniam was accompanied on mridanga by Rajesh and morching by Satya Sai. The familiar Navaragamalika varna gave him a bright start. Good clarity even in the "Druta Kaala" was proof of his good training and never left one in doubt about his talent and hard practice.

He capped his concert with a pleasant raga, thana and Pallavi. Latangi is the 63rd mela and a popular raga. Ambi's alapana was delineated with as much aplomb and the thana was crisp. The Pallavi set to Khanda Chapu and swara - led him into the intended mood. The swara was also lively and Ambi's solo violin was melodious and was a reassuring concert.


Dhrupad Dhamar

Prasanna Viswanathan is a Hindustani vocalist, specialised in Dhrupad sangeet. He is a disciple of Pandit Uday Bhawalkar and has already performed on various platforms.

He is a senior performing scholar of the ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata and has scored music and has sung for many documentary films. Sukad Munde accompanied Prasanna on pakhawaj in this concert.

He opened his concert with rag Dhani. Developing swara by swara he gradually tried to give a good shape to the raga.

The Dhamar (14 beats) was presented neatly. Rag Saraswathi took its own shape and Sul Thal was also delineated traditionally and without overdoing anything Prasanna sang convincingly.

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